South Park Goofs and Such

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  1. What are some South Park goofs that you have noticed?

    I just realised one.

    In the episode of Coon and Friends where they reveal that Mysterion is actually Kenny. He explains how when he dies, he returns the next day in his bad as if nothing happened, and no one remembers,


    In the episode ' Cartmanland ' when Cartman sells the park and get's sued by Kenny's family because he died, Cartan replies "What Kenny? He dies all the time!"

    And I know someone is just going to go to imdb and look up goofs and stuff and copy and paste it on here.

    What have you guys noticed?
  2. Nothing like that but in one early episode mabey season 2 or 3 you can see a visitor in a car window for like half a second. I somtimes wonder if there in other episodes to but I havent noticed them and im on all sp most nights a random episode. Getting to the point now where I need somthing new to watch realy.
  3. ^Matt and Trey hide a visitor in every episode of the series. Keep your eyes peeled, and you can spot them here and there.

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