South Park Ass Burgurs to real Aspergers

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  1. I wanted to share a story of my recent experience and see what other people thought, or if they could relate to my experience!

    So basically, in order to procrastinate on homework, I saw the South Park episode on Ass Burgers. I was also really looking forward to this episode since the last one was pretty depressing and I sort of related to it. I've never been craaazy depressed or anything, but I could definitely sympathize with Stan's (right?) feelings as well as his parents separating.

    Anyway, when the next episode mentioned aspergers I was curious to learn more about it and I pretty much identified with EVERY symptom. Even random ones like trouble processing verbal auditory stimuli. Like my life was seriously flashing before my eyes and things were kind of starting to make sense as to why I sometimes feel different from other people. I think I always told myself that everyone else felt different as well and therefore I wasn't weird. But now I have come to learn that my 'difference' is actually defined (I wish there was more research).

    I also wanted to share how I'm starting to think that marijuana has significantly helped what I have self-diagnosed as aspergers (probably mild, because in reality everything is on a spectrum).

    The ways I felt myself change are very related to music. Music began to "move" me emotionally when I smoked weed.

    But the weirdest thing is that I would/could understand the words better and I would actually listen to the what the artist was saying. For example, when I was a kid I used to listen to a ton of Michael Jackson cause he was awesome. I sort of made up the words to his music to what I thought he said. I stuck to those words for the most part (I also looked up some lyrics of course so my lyricial knowledge did improve). After I started smoking habitually, I noticed myself actually listening to his songs and recognize the words he was saying better. Another example is just when I listen to music in general and start listening to the words and I feel like I could understand a significant amount more than I was previously able to before I started smoking habitually.

    Marijuana also helps me with social anxiety, which I see (from other forums) is common for other people. I have those eye contact problems as well and I'm pretty sure that I only noticed my awkward glances after I started smoking marijuana habitually. I have also noticed Marijuana and alcohol to enhance my social ability. Alcohol kinda sucks though cause it makes you feel like shit later. But lately I've noticed I'm happier with who my friends are and with myself and I think it's made me more confident in casual social situations (I was actually super social as a kid, which is kind of ironic because aspergers is more of an anti-social 'syndrome').

    I do have to say though, I have really bad procrastination habits and weed allows me to take these habits to the next level! This is reflected in my grades. Still working on balance...

    Anyone else have similar experiences? Sorry for the length!

    ah... Now time to get to my essay :smoke:
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    I was recently diagnosed with aspergers at the age of 22. I just thought I was super awkward, socially inept, and wasnt worth my parents money to get diagnosed at a young age. I was bullied at work in a very passive aggresive kind of way not like a school yard type bullying, but I was left behind by people of the same rank cause I had a hard time showing initiative and taking control, people would avoid communicating with me all together. Small talk is difficult and a lot of people force me to make small talk, and its just very awkward lol! I can recall times where people would be joking around with me or being sarcastic and I would take it literally. Like one time when I was in bootcamp I got an ear infection in both ears and when I got back from the MIR to turn in the doctors note to my instructor he said "so you have an infection between the ears hey?" I said "no, its in both ears" lol he laughed but I was confused till long after I had left and felt like a total idiot.

    A lot of peoples first impression of me is that im stuck up and a total bitch, but these are people that have become good friends of mine over time, where they could actually admit this to me. I have a very pouty expressionless face, and CONSTANTLY is being told to smile, "oh its not that bad!" "it could be worse, smile!" I know they are just trying to be friendly, but I just want to tell them to eat shit.

    My eye contact varies from either being non existant to being too much and creepy... very creepy.

    I also have misophonia, and a strong adversion to loud noises. I had a complete full body, uncontrollable spasm in a movie theater one time when it was too loud... it was so embarrasing that I had to leave.

    Also I have OCD traits where I twitch a lot, and scann my hands and fingers through my hair non stop, even when im not feeling particularly anxious or nervous. I have strict routines and will lose sleep even long before a change occurs, my food is always the same, I can watch the same tv show every day even if ive seen those episodes 30 times already. I turn down going to friends houses, going to bars and nighclubs, and I never "sleep over" I drove home drunk once to avoid having to spend the night at someone elses house and got a DUI, worst mistake of my life.

    my list goes on, but im clearly fucked up. but at the same time we can be proud because we're intelligent, and can become experts in the few areas that interest us, usually making us very successful. needless to say I wasnt successful at my old job, I dont have that competative edge to step on others to get noticed.
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  4. hahahahahha i saw that episode, it was hilarious.

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