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  1. Semi-experienced grower in South Florida seeking advice on best ways to maximize yield from an outdoor, backyard grow. Have a few dozen sprouts from a solid West Coast strain, hoping to score a dozen females by April 1. At that point my current plan is to:

    - Use 15 gallon pots for size/mobility
    - Fox Farms organic soil
    - Watering 3-4x week as needed
    - Perhaps introduce 'Big Bloom' or other nutrients at the appropriate interval???
    - Lady bugs

    My biggest concerns down here are pests & mold due to the intense humidity during the summer months. Any thoughts on the best way to combat those, ideally organic if possible?

    Aiming for a 16oz net per plant - does that sound realistic based upon this approach? Any others have success/tips on best ways to achieve success down here?

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    If your growing outside your going to need an IPM ( integrated pest management ) routine.. This one is mine..
    BT bacillus thuringiensis.. Caterpillar control.. sold under several names
    Safer =
    Bonide = http://www.territori...CFQaBfgodk0UAug
    Garden Safe = http://www.gardensaf...2845931900.ashx
    Monterey = http://www.domyownpe...-bt-p-2821.html?
    Green Light =
    Green Cure.. For Powdery Mildew control.. https://www.1000bulb...earchButton.y=0
    Neem oil.. For spider mites, thrip, helps with the caterpillars too but don't use once you start to flower..
    Spinosad as my change up hitter.. So things don't get resistant.. https://www.1000bulb...SUN-704606.html?
    Captain Jacks = http://www.hydrogala...CFQphfgodNUsADw
    BT-I as mosquito dunks and bits for Fungal Gnats... <img class="bbc_img" src="" unselectable="on">
    Usually found near the citronella candles..
    To avoid the sprayer contamination issue I had last year I simply bought 4 sprayers
    Most all of this can be found at Home Depot, Lowes or a Garden Center like Armstrong's except the Green Cure.. Hydro shop for that..
    Buy a new sprayer and rinse really well between solutions or buy multiple sprayers like I did..
    I do my treatments like any good farmer.. up well before dawn
    Spray BT on Monday..
    Green Cure on Tuesday
    Neem on Wednesday.. Only in veg
    Spinosad Thursday as needed
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    I'm still using the garden safe Neem oil and it's ready to go out of the bottle with no need for soap or an emulsifier..
    And I can get it at home depot or lowes.. Veg only as it will leave a funky taste if used to late in flower.. Leaf spray only as I'm not a fan of oils in soil... I have Neem Seed Meal in my soil for that..
    Green Cure ( potassium bicarbonate ) can be found in a couple of other forms a bit cheaper but I get mine local at the hydro store.. Weekly treatment for Powdery Mildew.. Shit is rampant in So Cal..
    BT-K ( bacillus thuringiensis variant kurstaki ) for caterpillar control once a week without fail.. If I don't do anything else I have to do this one or lose it all..
    Spinosad like captain jacks dead bug brew is my change up for neem oil to keep the rest of the pest in check.. White flies mostly..
    BT-I ( bacillus thuringiensis serotype israelensis ) as mosquito dunks for fungal gnats..
    Hope that Helps.. BNW

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