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South Florida Pick Up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Elektriczzz, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. The best tree in South Florida area as far as I know :

    1370806498490.jpg 1370806507099.jpg 1370806515278.jpg 1370806522709.jpg 1370806533575.jpg 1370806555058.jpg
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  2. 1376313079296.jpg 1376313066964.jpg 1376313050308.jpg 1376313018474.jpg

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  3. plenty of dank in the area, that looks good though
  4. Super nice, why didn't you get more than a g? :smoke:
  5. I got an eighth but I pick out the choice buds

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  6. god i wish i had connects and knew where to get some down here, just moved down from nyc and while i could get it delivered 24/7 to my aparmtnet in the city not sure my guys will hike down to fl for me haha
  7. SloFlo here, pretty nice but I'm sitting on some ak47 that might give that bud you got a run for the money
  8. 1402704017038.jpg 1402704028109.jpg 1402704041535.jpg 1402704057441.jpg

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