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    Outdoor Grow Log
    An outdoor grow was started on 5/10/09. This grow consists of 4 seeds, 3 of which were germinated at a later date and one which sprouted on this date named Maria. These plants will be grown 100% organically without the use of neutrients. They will be given nothing but sunlight and water.

    5/17/09 - Day 8
    Maria was injured during watering today. She fell over and had to be replanted. I suspect this has caused root damage.

    5/19/09 - Day 10
    Maria has been growing extremely slowly. I can almost gaurantee this is due to possible root damage that occured on the 17th when replanting. I germinated and planted 3 more seeds today and placed them outdoors as well. All plants now have coffee grounds in their soil as a slow releasing source of nitrogen. This will hopefully help the growth of Maria. She just showed her second set of leaves today.

    5/22/09 - Day 13
    Maria has still been aging slowly. I think maybe the coffee grounds has made the soil a little too acidic and this may be hindering Maria's growth further. I'm going to flush the plant for the next few days in hope that this will remove any traces of coffee grounds.
    Maria at day 13

    5/23/09 - Day 14
    Maria has finally grown her third set of leaves. Thank god.

    5/24/09 - Day 15
    Maria is approximately 4 1/2 inches tall. She has shown microscopic growth of her 3rd set of leaves. A new plant sprouted today. I've named it Pixie and hope it will grow faster than Maria has.

    5/25/09 - Day 16
    Maria's 2nd and third set of leaves are drooping down at an angle. I have a feeling she may have gotten too much water or be a little stressed due to having 3 sets of night last night (I closed the pool house 3 times due to excessive rain hoping to keep Maria and Pixie from getting too wet. Pixie has spread her leaves today and looks wonderful I must say. She's doubled in height as well.
    Maria at day 16
    Pixie at day 2

    -Update: Once Maria got a little sun she perked right up and her leaves turned up towards the sun.

    5/26/09 - Day 17
    Maria has one or two microscopic white spots on her bottom set of leaves. Her new set of leaves are fully formed and spreading today. She also has a strange fold on her other bottom leaf. It has something that looks like snail slobber or webbing on it so I wiped it off with water, but it is still basically there. Pixie has much bigger leaves today and is taller as well. She is looking just terrific. A new lady has joined the cast today buy the name of Jamilla. She just cracked the soil and her leaves are not yet spread and are not yet pointing upward. I hope that the spots on Maria and the spit looking things on her leaves are not due to bugs but it sure seems like it is.

    -Update: Maria has a small hole on her bottom leaf that had a piece of wood stuck in it. I'm really not sure how the hell it could've got there. I noticed a little bit of chewing on the same leaf and sprayed it with a tabasco sauce/water mix. Hopefully this will keep the bugs and animals at bay.

    5/27/09 - Day 18
    No new growth on any of the plants today. Rained all day yesterday and was dark outside, so I'd guess they've been set back a day on account of darkness.
    Pixie Day 4
    Maria Day 18
    Jamilla Day 2

    -Update: Maria has a small tear in her bottom leaf from the rain. I also found a spidermite destroyer walking around near my plants so I now know for sure that there are mites infesting my plants. I may need to purchase a commercial insecticide unless I get another solution.
  2. What could've caused that strange little fold on my largest plant's (Maria) leaf? Is there anything I can use to make 100% sure I keep any insects at bay? Preferably natural? (Better than my tabasco water sprays)
  3. named your plant maria? really ?

    EDIT: my bad didnt notice you had more than one and they all have names. that makes more sense. they look good and healthy by the way
  4. Thanks man. Yeah i just figured it would be easier to keep track of that calling it little plant big plant middle plant. Can anyone give me an idea of how tall my plant should be before I start LSTing it. I'm gonna keep one of em bushy and see how it affects yield.
  5. 5/28/09 - Day 19
    Maria has shown slight growth on her leaves today, but has not grown significantly for several days due to the rainy weather. Pixie on the other hand has just shown off her second set of leaves at only day 5. Jamilla has not done much on account of the rain as well. She is standing straight up and her leaves are open but that's about the gist of it.
  6. was down in gainesville in feb i could imagin how big they could get! GL
  7. Thanks alot! I could really use some help guys. I found 2 spider mites on my smallest plant a few minutes ago. I have been spraying them all with tabasco/water mixture so they have not been eating the plants. But I would really like to kill them....DEAD....permanantly, without hurting my plants. Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction. I really wanted to keep this grow organic...but if I need to kill the bugs with some insecticide I'd rather put a chem on the plant than bite my nose to spite my face and let them die.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help my poor little babies.
  8. None of my plants have done jack shit growing for several days now because of the shit weather. Maria's 3rd set of leaves is slightly bigger and much more open, as well as her 4th set are a little further out of the stalk. Pixie's 2nd set of leaves have grown and you can now see all 3 leaves on them. Jamilla has been stuck in the same position for 2 days. Hopefully the sun gets going today and I see some growth sprurts tomorrow.
  9. I believe in you they'll survive!
  10. ty firehose
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    5/30/09 - Day 21
    Maria's leaves are spreading out wonderfully yet slow. Her fourth set should spread out anyday now. Pixie is looking wonderful
    despite her not getting any light the past few days. Jamilla is just stuck at 2 days old. I'm a little worried for her because she
    has done no growing at all since she sprouted.
    Maria Day 21


    Pixie Day 7


    Jamilla Day 5
    Sorry about the poor quality using an ancient camera cause my wife has our D300
  12. hey man i have the same weather as it is in south florida and by the looks of weather for miami it rain and clouds for every day i can see in this week...
    - as 4 ur bug problem there is a insect repellent for plants called Neem Oil. but be careful because im not sure if u can spray all plants with this although u **should** be able to:cool:

    good luk ;] NB
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    Thanks for the help dude.

    5/31/09 - Day 22
    The weather down here is terrible it has been a week straight of rain and clouds. I fear my littlest one Jamilla is going to die anyday now. She hasn't grown since sprouting and has several brown curls on her little leaves. She may pull through but I doubt it. So far everyone has responded we'll to the replanting. I've been regularly spraying the plants with tabasco and this has kept the bugs from eating them altogether. I'm super pleased with that much. Maria is just looking so marvelous despite the circumstances. Pixie has done real well through the weather as well and is definitely showing great growth. I don't want to jinx it but from my experience and the speed of Pixie's growth I would almost gaurantee it's a male. Maria on the other hand seems to be growing more like a female generally would and hopefully will be showing her pistils in a few weeks. Poor Jamilla definitely seems like she will not pull through though. She had to be replanted due to stagnant water in her other temporary pot. This may be just what she needs to pull through. Hopefully with the rain going away this tuesday she will get exactly what's needed to make it through her tough time.
  14. I name mine as well. They are all named Mary Jane.
  15. Anyone got some tips on organic feeding? I was thinking of mixing my own natural fertilizer but if there is one I can purchase that would probably be easier. Also if anyone has an idea of what I can do to help my smallest plant pull through this high stress period please help. Thanks in advance and thanks for watching.
  16. 5/31/09
    -Update: Jamilla has not responded well to being replanted. She will surely be dead by tomorrow.
  17. Get them as much sun as you can and make sure you let everything dry out daily. You should be in the clear. Rainbow mix is a great organic feed. it's a pre-mix of the whole casting,guano,bone,bloodmeal etc. it's a pain in the ass to water in though. There are plenty of organic fertz but with stuff like rainbow mix you wont burn them. opposed to useing some organic foxfarms.

    If you plants are not growing it's 1 of two things, too much water and they can't breath or not enough sun. (considering they are green and are not burning or anything)
  18. Thanks for the tip dude. I set Jamilla up in the sun as of yesterday and she is still not looking so hot. She is almost definitely going to kick the bucket any day now. I'm sure it's something I did but I cannot honestly say what. I took a good look at her today and she has one leaf growing, one leaf curled, and her two round leaves are curled. All of the leaves have browning.
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    6/1/09 - Day 23
    Maria and Pixie haven't done any hardcore growing since being replanted. Jamilla is just night of the living dead. How she's even alive i may not ever know. I moved her out with my tomato plants hopefully she will get a little more sun there. Maria should be fanning out her fourth set a little wider in the next few days hopefully and I can already see the beginnings of the fifth set. Another week and she will definitely be ready for LST. At least Maria and Pixie definitely seem to be in the clear and have made it through transplant with little or no stress to themselves.

    -Update: Jamilla kicked the bucket. Pixie's second set of leaves have spread into 3 fingers already. The extra rain has made the plants look a little wilted but the sun just came out and should dry them right up.
  20. I noticed another little nibble where the tear caused by rain on Maria was. I'm not sure if the spot around the tear just dried up or if something actually nibbled around it. I'll post a picture tomorrow. I've been spraying constantly with tabasco once or more times a day after each rain or dew to hopefully keep the bugs from eating my girls. Luckily none have gotten to Pixie but I still am a little worried about Maria. So far the bug bites are only in the bottom two leaves so she should be okay.

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