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South florida og hash oil pick up

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by steadytokin, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. This is my first oil pick up ever and is supposedly OG hash oil, its very blonde and gooey. One hit gets you rippppped.

    Also bought a nice lil glass piece for 20 bucks works very well
    80 a gram for the oil a bit pricey but well worth it
    tell me what u think


  2. Most definitely worth it man. The hash oil I get is tar-like, this looks delicious. Try soaking small nuggets of dank in it, you'll really be flying.
  3. I guess no one fucks with oil on the city?

    This is the only stuff thats got me higher than I was my first time burning!
  4. looks fucking delicious man, oil is where its at! Was it made with butane, ISO, or?:smoke:
  5. lol @ noone fuks with oil on GC statement...

    that's an UNDERSTATEMENT...

    there's so many hash oil enthusiasts on GC they're gonna have to make a section dedicated to us. cuz damm well...its about the only way to smoke these days...cuz well.... u said it...

    ""This is the only stuff thats got me higher than I was my first time burning!""

    lol so enjoy that shit breh...and go snoop around Rasta's oill thread...tons of oil lovers in the city...u just gotta look...

  6. True story man it is the only way to smoke!
    This gram has lasted me a week and I haven't smoked bud since
  7. make your own!

    cool to see other sofla dabbers though :wave:
  8. that oil /budder/ bho shit is no joke. my buddy put literally a crack sized pieve oce budder from some OG kush on a bowl. and im talking tiny...like a crumb and i swear i couldnt move. and i smoke a lottttt. it really was my first time smoking again
  9. where on earth did you find oil for sale in SoFlo? PM please!

  10. fuck it make your own! in all likelihood it'll end up cheaper and better quality
  11. Yea man i would look into making your own lol 80 a gram is STEEP... but i guess for the location its probably a good deal... never heard of an oil trade down there hahahahahaha

    Find a grower... buy his trim for cheap... make oil for way cheaper.... win/win!!!

  12. ^^^^^everything in this post
  13. I love the oil but 80 a g is a fucking lot even tho oils are like the fucking best. I really don't want to fuck with oils that folks are sellin in fl I just dont trust them. Especially for that price I think you could make your own cheaper and know it's good. Thats what I do.

    But your oil there does look pretty nice so enjoy!

  14. Thats a awesome idea, ever since I got the oil my buddies have suggested this.
    Gonna start looking into how to make it thanks man
  15. probably came from all the OG kush they got down there
  16. I'm fucking drooling right now. The same way my dog does when I'm putting food in his bowl. There's lots of oil lovers on here.
  17. South Florida here- never have I EVER come into an oil connection, or hash for that matter. I'm envious... But 80 a gram is steep man o.o but I've never smoked oil so idk how long a gram would last ya.

  18. thats a little hard to do...

    gotta grow your own in soflo
  19. Eh, can't be that hard to find a grower if you have connections. Just gotta put the word out
  20. Oil looks really good man...I've heard anywhere from 5 - 7 grams of dank for 1 gram of oil so $80 a gram probably isn't too far off.

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