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  1. This is a great site.....i live in south florida and im thinkin of growing a plant outside, is this a good time of the year to start growing outside. If i grow it it will be protected form animals or assholes so dont worry, i just need to know whats a good month to start growing in south florida. So far this month, the highs are 70-80 degrees, and the lows are 50-60 degrees.

    please write back!!!!
  2. Welcome the the city chilla, I'm livin it up here in Palm Bay, Florida. I plant my seeds here every year, in SPRING it gives them plenty of time to grow and get big and health over the summer. Also I would recommend you to find the spot you want to grow and add some potting soil, and some mild fert. to the earth and mix it up and let it sit over the winter.( animals tend to like fresh soil and may wreck you plant!). You also should try to avoid palnting all your seeds in one spot, less of a chance of a chopper or someone finding all of your plants. Hope this helps peace out.

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