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SOUTH FLORIDA! 1/4 pickup *pics ;)*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sensimilla, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. What do you think?









  2. looks delicious man. bring some up to central florida :wave: haha

  3. hahah :)
  4. Looks pretty tastey, enjoy that man.
  5. that sofla krip ,,, comparable to that cali weed ,,, so fuckin awesome
  6. Hell yaa so flo is where its at

  7. so flo has some of the best indoor grown lol they even grow it in the malls here :D
  8. gotta love it :smoke:
  9. some nice looking bud.
    very nice actually.
  10. Blurriest pictures award goes tooooooooooooooo... Sensimilla.

    Not ragging on your buds or aything, not giving you a hard time just had to point that out. :p Nice looking nugs.
  11. looks like you took the picture through a magnifying glass. it also looks like some nice buds

  12. haha yeah i took them through a magnifying glass :smoking:
  13. Thank god, I thought you had a fish eye lens on and were using a flashlight as your flash.... the weed looks good tho ::hello:
  14. thanks :smoking:
  15. mmmm :smoking:, looks tasty. :hello:
    How much $$$ ???

  16. $75 1/4
  17. I wish I had some of that. It's hard to find people down here who have the good shit. All I keep finding are these bullshit regs and if I want Zona, I have to drive to Hollywood. I need new connects.
  18. i be on that kryptonite!!!

    nice buds, i live close to UCF and i finally got some decent conects that get me some legit kryppie... most kids down here call high mids krypp, but i'm getting the legit stuff from south florida now...
  19. Kryppie was the first weed I ever had<3

    That is a NICE pick up.

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