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South Dakota

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ccoope31, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hey blades, I will be traveling to south dakota this summer for vacation. I will be driving (im not worried about riding dirty) I will be fishing and enjoying the outdoors. What are the laws in this state about mary jane im from Colorado if that helps. How much is it frowned upon etc? I will be bringing my own no need to find any up there. Looking for first hand experience.
  2. i found that also puppiesisone im looking for tips/ experiences
  3. wow it says a positive urine test can be considered possession.

    what a bunch of bs. if dirty piss was really possession people would be finding ways to get high off their dirty pee when people are dry and have scraped their bowls clean hahah.
  4. my tip: carry the least amount you can get away dont bring an oz...the less you bring the more likely you are to get off with a slap on the wrist. believe it or not if you just have a gram or two some cops will just take it from you and let you least where i am.

    the dakotas id imagine are more strict.

    best bet is to carry a little bit..put it in a mason jar or pill bottle when you travel...dont keep it in your pocket or glove box while driving...instead pack it away with the rest of ur belongings...

    this will keep it from smelling (no smell, no reason to search). also DONT SMOKE IN YOUR CAR!...bad idea especially in such an unfriendly mj state.

    i think if you do those things you'll have a pretty good chance of not getting arrested/cited.



    well if you bring a piece (pipe/bong etc) thats just one more piece of evidence to bet is a j or blunt thats pre rolled so you arent carrying any papers/wraps on you...then all you have to do is toss the j and all the evidence is gone...rather than carrying a pipe that can be found.
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    the cops are tough here, i'd be superr careful if i were you. also that joint tip is really good^ i'd carry as little with you as possible. i got busted and was this close to going to jail.. i didn't have anything on me but a pipe. SD is pretty unfriendly :/

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