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South Carolina

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by skunkxx, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Just a few buds from past grows.Going to get you from a few old grows up to today.Been Posting grows at OZStoners since 2004 but that site isn't going in the direction I am going with My med. have a lot of metal in my back and hip has been replaced twice!! I use about 5-10 joints a day.I have 10 different strains most of the time.Its not like smoking cigs. You need some change to keep from getting burned out.It helps alot with my travels as the pain meds the doc gives me makes me sick when riding,sometimes just getting up from the bed makes me nauseous I need to train a caregiver because it wont be too many more years before I cant even grow.I have been working with my strains since 1975.I dint get into breeding until 2000,But I had alot of great seeds to play with efen though they were sack seeds as they are called.But these came from the very best I could find and I had one strain that the owner would give ten dollars if anyone found a seed in any of them.Well I had three and they were the starting point of what I have produced today.Its a great cross of a Hawaiian indica and a Black Columbian sativa. It has a high pistil-to-leaf ratio that makes smoking it a treat, since there's very little leaf on each bud and a thick coating of resin a perfect marriage of indica and sativa seeds, cross-pollinate and made a few seeds to sift through. I didn't make another seed due to the fact that the F2s were so fascinating to grow. They exhibited every expression I could imagine out of a hybrid – some plants looking 100% indica, some 100% sativa, and every combination in between. Its been a great experience to grow this wonderful medicine that has helped me so very much. I am in process of looking into adding some Thai Light blood into my blood line if I get a male from the seeds a friend from Australia sent me me.
    Never had to buy much pot since the late 80s.Now I am on auto pilot with a good mom and a nice veg room and a flower room to kill for.Hopefully I will be able to get things ready to turn over to a younger grower that can provide me with meds from my equipment and setup.He is 5 years old today and is on his way to being a guru of pot.
    I hope I dint go on to much...SOmetimes if I feel good I can really go on about the plant of the gods.
    Nice site hope I can be of some help to someone learning the art of growing.
    Peace Out
  2. Hey! great description of the plants but post some pics! I got blue balls over here. Also, enjoy your stay!
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    Ok here are a few pics having problems with multiple uploads.

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    Ok I guess hydro rules.I am giving this a shot.This is Day one.Building 4" 45 degree PVC Hydro setup.40 plants 3" cups.2000 watts.
    Posted 20 October 2004
    I have Holland Serect 3 part $10.00 a bottle.

    This is my first Hydro grow.

    I am trying a couple different ways. I am sure they all have been tried.I have Hydroton only in some and some have coca peat on the top. How long should I flush the new system before adding nutes? I am adding a filter tonight to flush out all trash. Simple coffee filter on the down spout. good growth .I saw one at the Hydro shop and built one when I got home.They really charge alot for this setup.I may have to play with it for awhile to get the flow and air to the roots as I would like.I only have air in the res, tank now but am thinking of installing a air stone at every root Flushed system today and added inline filters. Using Holland Secret Additives.Transplants seem to be taking off good some yellow lower leaves but nothing to speak of bad.This seeding was PLANTED Oct 3RD.It is the 4th pic.;/;
    I have(3) 400watt MH,and (1) 400watt HPS,and (1) 360 watt HPS Bulb I can use in MH B.I have been working with the light postions today.Pics will followYes I am running lights 24/7
    .I saw this setup at the Hyrdro shop for $1000.00 US.I made it for less than $250.00 without new light bulbs I Bought.

    The pipes are on a 48 degree angle now.I was just on Day 1 of My grow room build when pics were taken. No the air stones at each pot would only give air to the stream of water coming thru the pipe,that way when the roots slow down the flow It will be alot more air there to help.h2o will really help roots. I went with this angle for a test of light and the angles to get the most of them.Hope it works.I have seen some growth in the last 12 hours that I have never seen before....Hope it keeps it up.
    Got everything running good all leaks stopped and have some plants on full flow and some on 2 GPH,and a couple on 1GPH.I have 1093.5 PPM.Dont know but it looks good.Growth is the best I have ever seen.Hydro rules

    26 October 2004 Ok,I am still on 24/7 .I must correct myself I am using three 400w MHs,and one 360 w HPS,and one 400HPS LG bulb I still have my soil grow in the floor under poor light for a back up if this hydro chit takes a dump on me.Total 87 seedlings

    The smell off these plants has already got me thinking that this Holland Secret Chit is the bomb.Never knew what was out there...Even old dogs learn new tricks. The growth on these plants are great.I PLANTED these seedlings on Oct 3. I am going to add more h20 to the top row of plants and add air stones thru out the 4ich pipes.I am getting some good root growth up to four inches in the pipes already.I have only been set up in veg for ...what 9 days max.But I am thinking of dropping back the lights to either 12/12 or 18 /6,Not sure ...87 plants...40 hydro...hummm.Now remember I have not sexed these plants yet.

    01 November 2004 Flushed today added clean H20 and nutes,opened up the flow some today also.Still on 24/7.The growth is great and the plants in the floor at the back are in coca peat misting and watering with H20 and nutes from system.They are hugh.

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  5. I am proud of it so far.The Holland Serect nutes seem to be the difference.I cant wait to see this stuff on my outside grow next year.I think I may have to cut them back earlier than I thought I would the tallest is about a foot now.but remeber I have not pulled males.I am keeping my extra plants for replacements as needed.I dont believe I can stand in there. I had some salt build up around the bottoms and on some of the clay balls.Ok fine I flushed this system for two days,Tonight I am going to cut back the lights to 18/6,and add clean nutes and H20,Now understand I am doing this all in the blind,No meters or ph testing.I am going by eye.Lets see what I can do.Yes I plan on getting meters.
    Hydro/Areo grow. I guess that is what you would call it I added air stones today thru out the 4" tubes.I am hoping that the extra air in the tubes will help the roots.I noticed one plants roots had a slight brown color to it (not like the rest as they are pure white) Any ideas? I have used most of my nutes,so a trip to the hydro store is a must.Good ideas there prices just too high.

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  6. Nice scrog dude...don't see that method too much anymore, but it seems to product really fat colas
  7. Much love from the upstate!

    keep it green my brother....

    love the grow. looking good, and healthy.

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  8. Thanks More to come soon.Happy holidays to you all early!
    Peace Out
  9. Nice man. I bet you love saving money on building your own.

    I see your stripers hat, do you fish? Shore or boat?
  10. your going to jail
  11. For what? I know you arnt talking to me about a grow done in 2004/?? Whats wrong with you man? Thats so uncool....

    Go ride in your Jeepy and leave me alone.All you did is stop what was goping to be a good post.
    Fook heads mess everything up.
  12. Awesome grow man, don't listen to the haters, just jealous that's all. As am I, but I can still appreciate a good grow. Loving the style man, wish I had that set up, looks fantastic. Been to SC a few time, mainly Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach area. Always have a good time, love the state park there right on the beach. Keep up the good work bro.
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  13. don't be mad...its only 30 days man.
  14. jeep don't be a boner. Now he is all paranoid

    Also OP, don't tell people where you are from especially when its a super conservative state lol
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    OP as you guys say is up to no good again.
    This is a few pics of a new thing OP is trying.
    Uploading is so slow will add more later.

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  16. updated pictures

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  17. I had a bit of a problem with the big Indica?Sativa ..soil was too wet and strong.I added in 3 cubic Lts of peat Moss,It seems to have done the job.She is taking off nicely.Hope you can see how really this revegged plant really is.It is the biggest one I have ever grown out inside.

    The pic is the same plant back in Sept,it has been revegged and almost ready turn back to 12/12.Should be some Monster buds.

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  18. Nice Grow, iv'e probably smoked your bud before lol
  19. Maybe but I dont share alot,most is MMj for pain and nauasa.
  20. Hey guys - I'm brand new to GCF. Searched upstate SC and found this thread. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Look forward to sharing some chats with you fine gentlemen on what I believe to be a common hobby of ours. Lol.

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