South Carolina (US) doing tests on THC oil

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by puffpuffhold420, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. I don't have the exact article because there have been so many but basically SC is not really all together with the legal MJ yet...but the medical universities are doing tests right now to see the medical benefits of the oil from the plant. It contains no THC (so it won't get you high) but they're seeing if the oil will be good for people who may have epilepsy which means that basically people wouldn't have to take 13-20 pills a day to avoid a seizure, they would just need one drop of the oil once or twice a day. It sounds pretty promising and it kinda hits a note with me because my brother has epilepsy.
    So I'm really hopeful they can do that for my bro one day.

  2. it is called CBD- the oil that they are researching. it is about half as good as THC which is unfortunately missing in the tests. there is something called synergy and that applies to THC and CBD when used together as nature made it that way. humans messing with nature and not getting it right or in the case of CBD getting it half right- 50%.  it does not take but a tiny amount of THC to balance the cbd equation because of how Thc imprints itself upon the organism.

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