South Carolina stoners?

Discussion in 'General' started by CosmicSerpent, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. I haven't run into anyone on here who's from SC. I'm originally from Greenville, lived in Mauldin, now I'm going to College of Charleston. Anyone else from South Carolina or used to live here? :smoking:
  2. I live on Lake Secession in Iva, SC. It's a little southwest of Greenville.
  3. Cool I've been to Lake Secession before, you get pretty good bud there?
  4. I used to get some dank herb up in Clemson... but not recently.
  5. Damn that's it? I was hoping to meet more SC stoners than this....
  6. Oh, there are more... they just don't like you. :p

    Nah, but there are at least a dozen SC stoners on the board... you just gotta search for them.
  7. I live in clemson, and we get some dank ass shit around here.
  8. i started off in SC on hilton head island....but now i live in sf:smoke::smoke: bay area weed definately is better than anything youll find in SC...well unless you find bay area weed in SC:devious:
  9. *Bump*

    Anyone else from SC?
  10. I'm in Greenville. We get pretty good stuff around here. I've seen that stuff from around Clemson, it's dank as fuck, but man do you pay for it.
  11. Living it up on James island Sc
    near charleston :]

  12. I live in Greenville now, but I'm moving to CofC for college in 4 days. I'm new to the forums, I was actually searching for other people in SC, surprised I actually found someone in Greenville.
  13. im from all ova carolina..hometown small town called Walterboro about an hour away from Charlestown...b in Beaufort, Greenville, Columbia, Adams Run, u name it
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  14. heyy people, i just moved to charleston to go to school 2 weeks ago. I'd looove to meet some new people who smoke....or at least somewhere to do it (my apartment is sandwiched between the leasing office and the school's housing authority) fuckin shoot me, right?? hahah.
  15. C of C I assume? I'm a freshman this year. I live in the Craig dorms, and we smoke in our suite's bathroom all the time. It has one of those intake vents and we haven't been caught, even when they did room to room inspections. There's plenty of places around Charleston to smoke as well that are pretty cool. I hear the police are pretty laid back, not campus police though.
  16. How is C of C? I'm thinking about going there.

    Was born and raised in Rock Hill, SC
  17. I hail from beaufort, currently going to CofC as well. McAllister.
  18. Reppin Rock Hill area working the 40
  19. clemson here
  20. Hell yeah man i live in charleston. been here for 13 years. absolutely love it

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