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Discussion in 'General' started by kyle_timmons678, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Whats up, Im new to GC, but a long time toker. Just wantin to see how many peeps we got representin SC on here.
  2. Unfortunately I live in Greenville, SC what city are you in?
  3. Wow that is nuts. Same place live right near Downtown about 5 miles from Smoke on the Water. What part m8? WHat kind of dank are you getting around here? Heads? :hello:
  4. i just got back from downtown greenville..i was at fall for greenville
  5. yeah i went last night too, kansas played a free was tight
  6. Fall for Greenville was alright. Definatly went by Barleys for some pizza. Is anyone around here getting anything better then mids without paying out the ass for it?
  7. Yeah man i get some pretty good dank nug...headies come thru occasionally and its usually 55....but the nug i get is reasonable at 45......
  8. Yeah man i get some pretty good dank nug...headies come thru occasionally and its usually 55....but the nug i get is reasonable at 45......u have a good headies hook up around?...regardless of the price....
  9. yea i can get some good nug for $50 an 8th....i can also get afghani purple,queen,and dieseal but its $50 for a half 8th
  10. damn...i wish i could score some of that....i would pay 50 for a half eighth of that ever so good bud that i hardly ever get....what parts you around in sc?
  11. Greenville, SC here as well.

    Only thing I know of around greenville is 60/8th. Can't find any good mids at a reasonable price.
  12. yeah 55/60 for me too....u get some pretty good headies around here? how old are you m8?
  13. Yeah I'm also from Greenville, but I'm in Charleston for school. Every time I go back to g-vegas I can usually only get mids. Last time there was some okay nug for $50 an eighth but it was only a little better than mids. And occasionally someone will be selling some name brand shit for $30 a gram or some ridiculous price.
  14. Went to school in Charleston as well.

    Last time I got something, got a quarter of what he called Northern Lights for 60/8th. Next time it'll be 60, but he won't call it Northern Lights. Didn't seem like I got what I paid for, but better than schwagg.

    I'm 27.
  15. wow, thats pretty crazy because i am currently in charleston living at st. phillips place going to the college of charleston. what a coincidence. g-vegas is my hometown but i moved to charleston in 04 for 21...what school you going to down here m8?
  16. Nah, I'm out of undergrad right now. Charleston is a fun town. Surely you are able to find some buds down there. CofC shouldn't be the Cougars. Should be the Stoners!
  17. Yeah youre right, we get some pretty good dank down here always nug and ocasionally name brand stuff....i had some purple trainwreck last week and it was fucking far the pretiest bud ive seen besides hawaiian haze. yeah charleston is a really liberal and laid back town and 99 percent of the student population girls, guys, teachers....smoke...haha
  18. Yeah I'm at CofC too... in the past I've never had a problem getting dank shit, but this semester it seems like it's been dry as hell. Or maybe I just don't know the right people.
  19. What's good my SC smokers?
  20. Worrrdddddd. I'm near Columbia.

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