South Carolina Petition

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by GraphicsHQ, May 3, 2011.

  1. Signed it!

    I actually saw a few familiar names on that petition lol.
  2. i signed it
  3. Signed it!
  4. Proud to put my signature on it!

  5. You from SC?
  6. How many signatures does SC need? When is it due by?

  7. Im not sure i think it is just to raise awareness that there actually are people in SC that support medical marijuana. I tried to find out the info for you but i couldn't find anything... Sorry :/
  8. Yeahhhh


  9. OMG i just made a comment about your name in another post like 2 sec ago =P

  10. Where do you live in SC?
  11. low country.

  12. Yea, about 12 people support legal MJ in SC.
    It will be a real cold day in Hell before SC legalizes MJ for any purpose.

  13. Yep....Columbia.
  14. Signed it, glad to see people are at work for MJ in SC. I love my state but too many people are ignorant on the issue, so continue to help educate our fellow citizens. The seeds must be planted before they can grow.

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