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South cali clinic prices

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Buzzwell420, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. what Am I going to be expecting to pay at a clinic vs growing my own???
  2. Depends really. Some clubs charge up to $80 an 8th. Its ridiculous. On the other hand you can find some really good deals if you look hard enough. Some clubs put price caps. My favorite club has a $50 cap for an 8th. I would highly recomend growing your own if you can.
  3. If you are able to grow then you really should. Most socal clubs are a ripoff IMO, charging 60,70,80 sometimes even 90 for an 8th...thats just insane.

    Im sure you can find some that have better prices but like i said, if you can grow then you should just grow.
  4. Im not sure on club prices, seeing as im no where near cali. But id have to say that in the long run growing would be much cheaper and more rewarding than buying from a club. And things are always better when you grow them yourself.
  5. For me, the initial start-up cost of growing was pretty pricey - depending on what you use of course. After about 10 months, the benefits are beginning to pay off. Between my husband and I, we would spend anywhere from $600-$2000 a month on meds (depending on bonuses at work, etc.). However, having a few perpetual harvests, we haven't had to visit a club in 2 months, and probably won't have to for a while - although I think I might hit one up just to have something different.

    The prices at the clubs vary - as I'm sure you've read, but what people have to keep in mind is that it takes money to buy the growing medium, nutrients, and necessary tools and accessories, and it takes money to pay the increase in the electric bill (if you grow indoors) and water bill. Most importantly, it's a lot of work if you want to do it right and there's a lot of TLC that goes into the growing, maintenance, and manicuring of the end product. If you can finish with some good bud that works well, you've got it made! There's nothing like watching it grow and mature - it's truly amazing!

    I've never complained about prices that I paid for meds at clubs - if I didn't want to pay it, I wouldn't. I'm sure that there are some out there that are making superfluous money off of us, but there are those that aren't. Until you actually grow and incur the costs and take the time to finish with an equal product, there's no way to know if the clubs are charging too much.

    Growing is by far more rewarding - there's nothing like watching a cannabis plant grow from a little seed or clone into a bushy, flowering, smelly tree. The transformation in flower is truly amazing!
  6. Southern California clubs at least in my area of west LA usually for a single gram it will be either 20 or 25. then for 1/8ths you can sometimes get 50 1/8ths but 1/8ths will range all the way up to 70 or 80. you can get a decent 1/8th for like 60. It all really depends on the particular clubs because some clubs if they know you they will hook you up more. you can also buy edibles at the clubs for like 10 bucks, and they have like a dime of weed in them. they come in like cookie form, rice crispie form, but only certain cannabis clubs carry edibles. and with the MMJ card you can buy clones. but if your getting the card, you should probably grow. if you grow outdoors the cost is very little, and you can have 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants and your legally clear. and growing 6 plants will give you a huge yield. :hello:
  7. Until you actually grow and incur the costs and take the time to finish with an equal product, there's no way to know if the clubs are charging too much. -- well said crack

    if you grow your own your only paying for the costs to produce your fine nuggets.

    where as a clinic with out a doubt would charge you a considerable mark up obviously.

    this is where the saying comes from "why buy your fish, when you could learn to catch them"

    or "why buy the milk when you could have the cow for free" or something silly like that
  8. Around here club prices are about $60 / eighth, $120 / quarter, $240 / half, and $450 / ounce. I prefer growing to going out and buying, but that's just me. As mentioned before, it can cost quite a bit to get started growing, but it eventually starts to pay for itself. And once you've already got lights and stuff, each grow only costs a minimal amount (electric bill, water, soil (unless it's hydro), nutrients, etc.).
  9. Know any body selling clones and will :hello:shipp them to you or I can pay for the overnight shipping dont matter.
  10. ur joking right? mailing clones? dude come cant mail a the mail!!!:eek:u gotta be high

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