South APrk New Episode Today!

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokersmvp, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. So I just wanted to remind all of u that there a new South Park episode coming on.TOWLEY FTW! Can't wait for that episode Shall smoke like mad man:smoking:
  2. haah i love when people post the new episode reminders, becasue i always forget
  3. what network? time?

    i havent seen the recent ones, i keep missing them somehow.
  4. Cartoon Network 10:00 PM EST :p TOWLEY FTW!
  5. so is towlie actually coming back in this one because it would be perfect timing.

    a stoner towel makes his appearence again right before 420 lol
  6. Its probably b/c 420 that there bringing back kickass Towley but nonetheless TOWLEY FTW!
  7. so it TOWLEY FTW?

  8. IDK u tell me :rolleyes:
  9. I shall be watching it. I figured it would have some marijuan reference to it. I shall also be High as a kite.:hello:
  10. The synopsis:

    A Million Little Fibers (1005)
    A Million Little Fibers - Towelie writes his memoirs and the published work is chosen to be part of Oprah's Book Club.

    It'll be on at 10pm, again ad midnight and 10pm tomorrow!! Holla!

    edit--- and bwahh ha haah looks like they'll be ripping James Frey a new one!!
  11. TOWELIE RETURNS!!!!!!!!!

    omg i cant fuckin wait
  12. starting smoking bongs after this drumstick, towelie...wooo:yay::metal: :bongin:
  13. Comedy Central actually at 10:00pm est. and 12 midnight est.
  14. O yea srry wrong network :eek::smoking:
  15. Fuck I Missed 3/4 Of It Fuck!!
  16. OMFG!!!!! TOWELEEEIE IS THE SHIT! :smoke: :laughing: Talking joints for president!

    edit: LMFAO!!! god there is no line they won't cross. Fabulous!
  17. Nooo Did Towelie Just Quit?
  18. wtf...anyone else feel like this episode was almost anti-pot?

    they repeated the same thing about towelie coming up with bad ideas when hes stoned...then he quits and saves the day...

    other then that i thought it was hilarious that a vagina took people hostage haha

    edit: ok the end just saved their asses..i was starting to worry
  19. oh man, that was fun, mind of mencia is so shitty though
  20. meh, that episode was ok. only good part was toweleeeeeeie getting high

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