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    Hi i'm Tokesta and i was wondering if there was any Growers in Cape Town, South Africa on this site? It would be great to chat, i was looking to find some new seeds to grow :) if there is anybody, message me or post on this friend :)

    Let me know
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    ola, there is a seed swapping site in south africa, check out and then j thang seeds sells good strains.
  3. Dont know much about the growing scene over there, but i did have the pleasure of visiting there with my family years ago. Its my favorite place ive been by far. Absolutely beautiful country. How is it for being a stoner?
  4. its an awesome country to live, to smoke, grow and the cannabis scene is alive and well. There is alot of movements happening, court cases and new smoke shops popping up all over the place. Besides the laws being quite hectic, its not that bad, you can buy, grow, smoke and enjoy quite freely. Where did you travel while you were here.
  5. We went to sun city the first couple days we were there which was great fun, but i got heat stroke from being in the sun too long hahaha. Then we went for 5 days or so at a safari right by kuger park (not sure if we were in it or right near it cant remember). we went to Johannesburg, and cape town as well.

    Ive been to africa a few times... but both egypt and morrocco couldnt compare to south africa. I loved it so much, im convinced i'll be back eventually to re-experience it. I was only 13ish when i visited so im sure theres a lot i wasnt able to experience being so young and with family.
  6. well sounds like you travelled alot but there is so much to do, and now that you are older you can enjoy all weed and more here. Kruger Park is the size of a small country. You should come spend a month here.

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