South Africa legalizes

Discussion in 'International Marijuana News' started by cleanbudz, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Sounds cool. Maybe it will be the third country for legalization.
  2. Just stocked up, and it only cost $1.40. God bless South Africa, where people literally buy Roundup to kill Dagga (local word for weed, G is guteral) because it is a pest IMG_20181022_221047-01.jpeg

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  3. Wow..might as well turn that into hash. You should order seeds from Britain or Spain and grow some real fire!
  4. From SA too and this girl came down today. Northern Lights under a 600W hps. Huge fat juicy Colas showing 30% amber trichomes and the rest are milky.
    Personal grow for personal use. This stuff is literally my medicine.
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  5. Nice.

    I planted my first plant on the day they decrimilised. She is doing well outdoor. I'm in the KZN midlands so good area to grow outdoor.

    I also just managed to get a skunk viriaty to seedling.

    Where do you get seeds from, because I would like to explore a variety of strains, but not sure how to go about getting seeds or clones.

    I use oils for medicine. I nearly cut my leg off with a Chainsaw 2 years back, and it hurts like hell when night comes round. Oils seem to last way longer and are more controllable with dosing. IMG_20181022_100935.jpg

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  6. That's stuff looks like it was killed by roundup
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    I personally get good genetics from reputable seed banks. There are many online just do your research.

    Good luck man. The legal growing is awesome.
    Good times.
  8. That could be an old landrace Durban poison.
    May not look like the best, but I bet it has a sneaky high that is nearly psychedelic.

  9. It did look shit, the buds were really loose, but I always buy from the same guy and have never been disappointed. It was a sneaky high, followed by a little paranoia and which was nothing I could not manage. It was actually a really nice high in general.

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  10. Howzit from Cape Town guys! My first grows ever. 2x black domina xxl auto (in the 2 small pots) and 1x girl scout cookie..

    Just moved them there last night from the strong winds.

    Its so awesome that its legal now! [​IMG]

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  11. Is that a Checkers little garden pot?
  12. Yes it is lol
  13. I have got a ton, will give it a go

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  14. Well, finally

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