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    I need 30-40 PDS for filling zafus but Amazon and the like are really expensive. Any suggestions?
  2. Try a large chain organic health food store, like Vitamin Cottage. That's where I found mine locally. Look in the cosmetics/body care products section of the store. It's sold as a hypoallergenic pillow filling, so perfect for filling zafus (meditation cushions?). Also makes a great aeration amendment for soil mixes. [​IMG]

    If you don't see it on the shelf, ask. Just because it's not stocked doesn't mean they can't order it. You may have to ask anyway for the amount that you need. Should save you a ton of money because you won't have to pay for the "bulk" shipping charges often times associated with ordering from places like Amazon...
  3. I was paying around $15.00 for 25 lbs at Paris Farmers Union here in Maine. Whereabouts are you in a general sort of way?

  4. I'm in MA. Thanks for the two suggestions.

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  5. I believe that the Seven Arrows Herb Farm in Seekonk, MA sells them. We used to go over there when I lived in MA - if you live near or get down that way I highly recommend stopping in - it's a wonderful place!!

    Link -

  6. Look at Cocoa hulls also. I've used them and enjoyed having them in my soil too. They work great and smell like chocolate! :)

  7. Jerry - you nailed it with seven arrows. Talked to them today and they have a great price for what I need. Beers and bong hits on me the next time you're in MA. Really appreciate all you do for this forum

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  8. My wife and I were visiting 7 Arrows over 25 years ago. It makes me happy that they are still there. Wonderful folks and the herb farm
    Is just an amazing place.

    Glad it's worked out!


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