Source Direct (old-school DnB)

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    One of my favorite artists of the the vein of Photek and Goldie, but much darker IMO. Here are some links:

    1) Their song "The Crane", one of the best cut Amen Breaks I have ever heard. The bass just resonates:

    2) Their song "Exit 9", also one of the best Amen Breaks I have ever heard. It was featured on LTJ Bukem's "Mixmaster Live! 03" mix:

    3) An 18-track mix of all Source Direct songs, courtesy of the Law. You can either stream it on the website or click the "download" button to download a 128 kbps MP3:

    4) An interview of Source Direct from 1996, when they were just NINETEEN YEARS OLD. Pretty funny guys, talk about smoking Cannabis while driving BMWs fast in their hometown :smoking:. I'd advise watching the interview of Photek and Squarepusher as well.

    There ya go. I hope you guys enjoy these tracks as much as I do.
  2. damn, NO ONE likes drum and bass in this forum? a serious bump.
  3. Dude, renegade snares is the anthem. I have Byte Sized Life, Haunted Science, and Music for the Next Millenium. I like the latter the most.

    Right now I'm bumping the Platinum Breakz mix from Metalheadz records. Goldie is the man.
  4. I looove drum&bass. thanks for the linkage :smoking:
  5. No problem, I'll throw up some more stuff too:

    1) Photek's "ni ten ichi ryu" - the music video is a b&w samurai scene. The music works amazing with the video:

    2) Jojo Mayer & Nerve - this is a live drum and bass group; the video is from Modern Drummer and is part of a series featuring Jojo Mayer. They really pull the live aspect of DnB off, which I respect because I also play live DnB music.

    3) Flying Lotus live at Low Beat Invitational - destroying shit live like usual, but playing some fast breakbeats instead of some raw hip-hop:
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    Bump for this amazing track by the guys from Source Direct.

    Truly masters of the Amen Break
  7. Sweeeeet, I missed this the first time.
  8. Bringin this shit back with a fat bump

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