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**Sour Kush Spray RESULTSS** & possibly a new better solvent??

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Cage22, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Okay so my tincture came out pretty good, heres a link on the ingredients and procedure used:**sour-kush-spray**-help.html
    When the mixture settles the two layers of oils separated the almond oil was MUCH darker in color could this mean it is a better solvent? (i shuck it up for the photos)
    tell me what you guys think about the almond oil, im thinking of doing a tincture with 1 fl oz of almond oil and 3 grams of goldseal..
    did some research
    the ultimate tincture mix IMO
    safflower oil, pecan oil, palm kernal oil, vegtable gylcerin and almond oil. 6 ml of each making a fl oz. then slow cooking the 3 grams of goldseal into it

  2. Is that Nepalese Gold Seal? Where did you get it, if so? I don't mean exactly, but like a dispensary or geographical area. I've heard of it being in the Northwest US from time to time. I am so jealous, if so.

    If that hash is real Gold Seal, you should have quite a potent tincture on your hands. I haven't seen Gold Seal since the early 70's. :smoke:
  3. Smoke report bro :D
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    Its from my private link... straight from Afghanistan. Yes, its real goldseal very expensive @ 15 a g all the way up no matter what you buy.

    Anyways i did some research and here is the mixture that in MY opinon would take the THC best: safflower oil, pecan oil, palm kernal oil, vegtable gylcerin and almond oil. and a quarter tsp of soy letchein 6 ml of each making 30 ml (FL oz) and then slow cook the 3 grams... 1 drop should get me high.. a .1 of concentrated top quality hash per ml, maybe ill put in 4 grams and be adventurous lol
  5. oh and sam i brought some over to my mothers and she had said the same thing hahahahaha as she was smoking a fat j of it with me

  6. Rub it in, why don't ya? :D If I had a way, I'd be knocking on your door yesterday. Enjoy it while you can and know that millions of old hippies would like to be sitting there with you. :smoking::hippie:

    Let us know how that tincture worked out. That certainly is an interesting combination. What led you to that particular blend? What kind of properties are you trying to incorporate into the final product? I also have done similar research because I believe that thc and the other cannabinoids can be utilized in a myriad of ways and certain oils have properties that might enhance various effects of the cannabinoids as well as the subtle nuances of the terpenes.

  7. I certainly like using it (and avocado oil, shea butter, cacao butter, even castor oil and others), but the real 'secret ingredient' to a killer blended tincture or oil, is coconut oil, for its medium chain triglycerides and saturated fat... it's the perfect solvent for cannabis glandular material, and highly bioavailable! :hello:


    But if you make your glycerin tincture properly, you shouldn't really need an oil source, aside from a little lecithin and the trace amount of fat it contains, which can help speed things up... but a good, pure glycerin tincture just requires gentles temps, and a little patience. It's highly bioavailable, and functions well as a solvent when given adequate time :)

    Medical Grade Glycerin Tincture





    Sprays, and a "Lip BOMB" (balm :p)





    We set this up for gatherings...

    With oven bags, you can take a few direct puffs...

    If not everyone wants to catch a buzz, we'll stick it in a spare bedroom or spa bathroom.. :p

    Anyhow good luck with your tincture! :wave::smoke:
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    I will make a new thread with the process and results when the time comes.
    safflower oil has the highest amount of monounsaturated fat and oleic acid, Palm kernal oil is very high in lauric acid, pecan oil contains almost a 50/50 split between oleic and linoleic acids, almond oil because its high in linoleic and stearic acid and lastly vegatble glycerin due to the fact it is the backbone of all lipids known as triglycerides. To me this is the ultimate tincture mix, oh a teaspoon of overproof rum per fl oz of liquid could be added because the cannabinoids will bond to it and as it evaporates off it will bind to the glycerin and a quarter tsp of soy letchien.. im gonna try and i will post my results.
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    WOW that fog machine idea is so cool!! Judging from the brands your using we are not too far away!
    look at my previous post those are the reasons why i chose the oils i did, in my mind it gives the thc and other cannabinoids the best range of fatty acids to dissolve into.
    tell me what you think
    forgot to ask, what do u use for flavouring??
  10. Bump!! and subbed!!
    I was looking for some more info on this. I have done quite a bit of canna cooking, but I am going to use everclear to wash my bud to get oil/ hash. I am going to further process for use as a topical rub for pain.

    BKS I was wondering about maybe doing a glycerin tincture, and applying it to a lecithin/coconut oil mix. I suspect that because I am using the qwiso hash I can skip the decarb process? What are your thoughts?

    Op I am going to study this a lil further, good call it looks as if you did a little research/experimentation. Check out the Iso Head thread those are a bunch of helpful guys there. Iso extractions are a little tricky, but well worth the effort as far as potency goes. One more thing that goldseal, looks kinda bomb.

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