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**sour kush spray** help??!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Cage22, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. #1 Cage22, Aug 13, 2012
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    Hi im making a tincture here are my ingredients:
    3.0 of sour kush i only used 1 fl oz. of mix. decarbed at 200 F untill it reeked and broke by the touch
    i have it in a double boiler with the temps ranging from 250-275 F
    it went a little high but i dipped my finger in it and it wasnt that hot due to the double boiler will it be fine? i was planning on cooking it for 12hrs... the longest i ccan wait up and refill the water. will this be suffcient? is everything looking good? Thanks
    i added a bit of fresh lemon juice in the mix for acidity and flavour
  2. *BUMP* advice needed asappp :smoke::smoke:
  3. i need someone with experience and knowledge someone very seasoned with this. This is my first attempt
  4. wow noone has any knowledge on this matter... i lowered the temp to 225 to be on the safe side...
  5. wow...nothing...?
  6. Look up BadKitty's thread. She's the goddess of all things edible.
  7. if it was cool enough for your finger i doubt there is a problem.

    I cook my food oil at 270.

    If you plan to make edible extracts, I'd get a good candy themometer.
  8. anything under 300f is just fine, you where withing a safe temp range, don't worry.

    are you using the oil in your tincture or just the glycerin? Never heard of people doing that, but i don't see why it wouldn't work as its fluid too. Might taste a little nasty but the glycerin should cover that up.

    Also, 12h of heating should be plenty. According to BKS, you should always give tinctures, be it with alcohol or glycerin, a bit of time to age after heating before they reach optimal potency. They do work right away too, but greater potency is had by those who wait an aditional 2-3 weeks before consuming.
  9. it came out great. and yes 1 part almond oil 3 parts glycerin. I think almond oil may have been a better slovent becasue the two oils separated and the top layer (almond) is ALOT darker than the glycerin idk if this means its more potent but yeah its a theory. The back of the almond oil says vegtable dervied oils such as this one date back to biblical times. When they were mixed with fragrant herbs to create traditional ointments. saw it and bought some with thge glycerin. I will be going to make a new thread with my results

  10. Almond oil is one of the oldest digestible oils known to man. It wasn't just used in edibles but also in religious ceremonies, mummification, buried with the pharaohs' treasures, given as gifts. I've also seen almond oil mentioned as one of the better thc solvents.

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