Sour Kush grow Week 8 of Flowering

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    I haven't been around for a while on here, but my ladies are almost finishing up, so I thought I'd post a few pics. I have 4 Sour Kush plants (Sour Diesel mixed with Kush). Really love this bud, and can't wait to taste. It's looking very frosty and nice. We're about 8 weeks in. I'm not sure as I don't really keep track. They just go until they're done anyway. By the look I'm thinking 1.5 - 2 weeks hopefully I'll be chopping. They're really turning out quite well and I'm pretty happy with them so far. We're just at the point where the pistils are going to start receding as the buds shoot out, so it's definitely the fun part coming up. I love the smell of these, they're like a nice sour diesel that's not quite so diesel mixed with some limey kush taste. Very nice together. Gives a great bag look, amazingly aromatic scent, and smokes really great as well.

    As for the actual setup, I have 4 plants in DWC. Each in their own 5 gallon bucket with about 10 LPM of air being pumped to each. Really easy, cheap setup that's quick to put up and take down. Plus once you get your nutes dialed in it's really pretty autonomous until they need more water. I'm hoping to reach at least a pound with these 4, but we'll see. The buds are looking very nice, all about 14" tall. and just need to fatten up now. Sub if you want to see the ending. I sub back if you have an interesting grow going.

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  2. What lighting are you flowering under?
  3. Sorry, I have a 1000W with an XXXL hood. I think it's 30x42" for the hood. I had to keep it stealth for a while early on in veg and this grows been a pain, but almost through it now.

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