Sour kosher and cheese Flowering stage

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  1. Hi all

    Been away for a while do to a house move but this sour kosher is still thriving...

    I fostered 4 cutting and my plan was to keep 1 (but it turns out all 4 were good to keep) and flower this in with my kosher.

    Problem started when the kosher started getting bigger and bigger and the cutting weren't growing (later found out my temp gauge was knackered). Rectified this and they begun to catch up but I needed to flip so I went ahead.

    Going to keep this as a journal for the flowering stage and to see if these very low veg time cuttings can produce some nice smoke (new guy, new strain) to test.

    600w dual spec hps
    Coco medium
    Coco A and B
    Root stimulater
    Cal mag

    Pk13/14 (wait to buy)

    Hope to have as much input as possible plus if anyone has scrog grows and they can help me out please do, scrog seems the way forward with limited space 1499618546700-1435265214.jpg 1499618579095-1664199659.jpg 14996186081831824869989.jpg 1499618622538642954954.jpg 1499618635520-308720816.jpg

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