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Sour Diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by toke it up1986, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. My boy said he has some Sour D for me at 30$ an eighth, Im about to be on my way to pick it up. What characteristics should the bud have if it really is Sour D so if i can tell if it really is, when i get back i'll post picks for you all. The reason i dont believe him is because im in Delaware, we dont get bud like this around here lol.:smoke:

  2. [ame=]YouTube - Wayne's World Ode to Delaware[/ame]
  3. Frosty Hairy Dankity Dank Dopest Dopest youve eva smoked
  4. Find a picture of it on a dispensiary site then compare them. Also the taste of the bud should be very strong, almost bad (but in a goodway). And it should smell like shit. And in the way that it's so pungent it's almost overpowering.
  5. $30/eighth for dank? In delaware?? Nah dog. It's not sour d..

  6. I quite like the smell. It is quite 'skunky' and definitely reeks. It should be absolutely coated in trichs. It is easily one of my favorite strains.
  7. look for this:rolleyes: i hate to break it to you man, but that is NOT sour D for that price. sour d is atleast 380 an ounce where im at and definitely 60 an eight:devious:
  8. sour d for 30 an 8th???...doesnt sound legit
  9. that would be amazing if it's actually sour diesel. it may just be some no-name chronic or beasters

  10. Yeah, definitely not in the states.
  11. even here where buds pretty cheap, sour d is still 45-60 an 8th. thats not your everyday shit for most people anyway. if its 30 an 8th, ill take 4 of those lol
  12. chronic sour d is like 30 a 1/8th dno how that dosnt sound legit

  13. In Canada, or you know a grower well.
  14. or u live in cali
  15. I"m picking up an Oz. tomorrow in queens for 500 bucks. I'm certain it's real.

    I'll post pick tomorrow night.
  16. i think diesels are sativas, so the high should be much different from your typical stress weed.

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