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Sour Diesel

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bigtg, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. I know you can get NYC Diesel on drchronic but do they have Sour Diesel? and is sour diesel the same as NYC Diesel or is it a cross between NYC diesel and something else

  2. I found this

  3. "It is descended from the strain NYC Diesel, whose parents are the Massachusetts Super Skunk and the Chemdawg. It was discovered in the mid 1990's in New York City by a very talented breeder commonly referred to as Leon Hadrow. There is a drastic difference in color and taste between the NYC Diesel and the Sour Diesel (the latter being a lighter green, much sweeter with a very strong fruity aroma, and a knock out high)."

    in other words, its amazing :hello:
  4. Damn, I just smoked a bowl of some about 20 minutes ago. I love it:smoke:
  5. Ive only had sour d once in dallas.. and i must admit it was probably the best smoke ive ever had.

    it made my friend who was a schwag only smoker pass out twice from 3 hits out of a mini bong lol.
  6. so in order to get like real sour d. you have to produce it yourself? or can you just buy some seeds somehwhere? :confused:
  7. try seedbay, they get it occasionally. but u gotta pay the cost to be a boss.
  8. reeferman seeds has just started selling sour-D and drchronic will be carrying it soon as they've just picked up some of reeferman's line.

    if it's the quality of the high that you like, cinderella 99 is supposed to be ALOT like sour-d except for it's mellower floral odor and pineapple flavor. personally, i just can't wrap my head around fuel as a "tasty flavor"
  9. ha ha wow sour diesel is the best i love it so much and i just somked it
    fyi it was 20 a g
  10. i JUST bought my first g of sour diesel a few hours ago for $20. i was happy to pay that much though, i wasn't even planning on buying weed today. i just stopped at the headshop to ask about salvia and ended up buying a new bubbler!(which is real nice by the way) then im walking home and i see i guy i know and pick up a g and i ask him if it has a name and he says, yeah, sour diesel. im like no way? i'll try to get a picture later.
  11. Rezdog from Reservoir seeds sells the Sour diesel IBL on seedbay... Think it's sold out as of today, but they are always stocking more.

    In making the sour diesel IBL Rezdog crossed a male NYCD (in his opinion as well, inferior to the clone) to the original East coast sour diesel clone, and continued to backcross offspring to the original clone to lesson the characteristics of the nycd. He then continued to inter breed amongst offspring creating the sour diesel IBL (in bred line).

    On seedbay right now rez has alpha diesel for sale which is created from breeding select plants from his ibl to his original ecsd clone (these were offered as a limited release called Omega Diesel). He then back crossed once again to the clone creating the alpha diesel.. Supposedly the alpha is the end of his sour diesel work, and as close to his ecsd clone mother as you can get in seed form.
  12. i still like the sound of C99 better myself. she has the same high from what i've read in a couple places, but she isn't skunky like sour-D (in fact she's downright stealthy & floral) which is a good thing in my book because i despise anything that simply even reminds me of indica and to my tastebuds, pineapple is yummy while fuel is disgusting.


  13. I just picked up an 1/8th of some about to test it out:hello::bongin:
  14. Gotta love NY, Sour is so easy to find in the area.
  15. Here in Boston we have Sour Diesel around everyday, and i have had NYC Diesel and it was different
  16. Sour Diesel is and will always be my favourite strain. It was the first strain I was truly mangled on and could have cost me my freedom as I decided to throw 5grams (from Dampkring back in 2008) in my bag and take it back to the UK from Amsterdam....Thank the LORD!

    I find it stronger than NYC Diesel, smells a lot more like petroleum instead of the grapefruit smell of NYC and hits you like a champ :smoking:

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