Sour Diesel

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  1. Hey fam just wanna ask if this seller is overpriced
    1 gram = $35
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  2. Way over priced. $10

    sent from the toilet.
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  3. Damn I have to get into the business if people are so gullible. No offense OP.

    $980 for a zip. That must be some Sour Diesel Girl Scout Cookies Fire OG Purple Kush hybrid type shit that is out of this world.
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  4. Don't get price gouged by a capitalist hyena!

    $35 is the price ceiling for an eighth, ANY eighth, despite any potency ratings. The person attempting to rob you is just being polite about it.
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  5. I dont buy weed like for 5 years already but the last o paid for a gram of top shelf it was 20
  6. With 35 you get 3.5 around me. But idk what country/state your from so I honestly can't tell you, I doubt there's a drought anywhere in the US that bad people are coughing up 35 dollars for a gram. So if you are in the US I believe you're getting finessed

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  7. I'd have told him to get fucked.

    You weren't that clear Oh Pea. 25 for a gram of shatter, wax etc....yes 35 for a gram of live resin yes

    A gram of weed....nah I'm good homeboy
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  9. In NYC, diesel always commands a premium. It takes longer to grow, smells foul, is illegal there, and the high is impeccable. For this reason, people are able to demand more for it in certain areas. Reversely, if you want to do an experiment on demand, according to demographics--Next time you are in the Bronx in a McDonalds, ask the person for hot mustard for your nuggets. They have never heard of it. Ask the same person when the last time was they smoked sour diesel? He could be dead broke, he found a way to pay the premium.
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