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Sour Diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tree Of Life, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Don't know, haven't burnt it yet. Somehow I ended up with a LOT of green, so I rolled up a bunch of stuff last night, and still have a ton left. I was on the bubba last night, so haven't tried the salad yet. Will update with my findings haha.
  2. For sure man. Let us know how it smokes. :bongin:
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  4. Hit some of the mix. The Sour D doesn't really overpower it, I can still taste some of the sweetness of the purp. Can't taste much of the bubba at all though.
  5. Man, that looks like it's got some stank to it! Hope you enjoyed it.

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    Looks dank! Sent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Thanks man. It does have some stank to it! :bongin:

    Thanks. Smokes great! :smoking:
  8. just picked up an eighth for $70. comes in soon, excited. 
  9. Good shit OP! The smell of Sour Diesel is comparable to a HD stereo, it's very "loud"! I'll try to cop some tomorrow.
  10. #30 Twistedweather, Jun 23, 2013
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    jus thought I would share my diesel pic in this kind thread. :bongin:
    This is some Lemon Sour Diesel from about 3 months ago :smoke:
    found a little stash I had saved
    very lemony smell, light on fuel aroma but still evident
  11. Slaphead!
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  12. prices around here man
  13. Man i feel sorry for you, i honestly do i've never heard of somebody even paying those prices. I'd try and find a new guy or honestly if you don't live with parents look into the silk road you might not regret it. Though if you do look into it pm me any questions you have about it.

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  14. I appreciate that. I am new to the area but have friends who have lived here all there lives and say those are the prices they have always paid. Funny that you mention it, thats how my guy is getting it to me. 
  15. A little confused thats how your guy is getting it or your guy is shipping it to you huh? Well he's getting it off there why haven't you hoped on the train yet? Most people just don't know or are to skeptical about it so i just try to properly inform them on it but i mean compared to the price your paying you could save A LOT i mean i see ounces shipped straight from cali for like $250. Hell maybe start flipin yourself and slapin necks if thats the local price you'll be makin RACKS

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  16. He said he is ordering it off silkroad and charging me $140 for 2 eighths because that is the local price. you are right i should start doing it myself, but i am pretty skeptical about it all. very true! 
  17. man i like the sound of that
  18. looks sticky bro
  19. It was pretty sticky. That was some great bud.
  20. Sour Diesal is my favorite of all time

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