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Sour Diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tree Of Life, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Picked this up the other day. Found the spoon in a headshop recently and I was surprised when I heard the price because it's such a well made piece. Got it for 30 bucks! :bongin:


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  2. What does it smell and taste like?  
  3. Skunk, fuel and lemons.
  4. Isn't Sour Diesel supposed to be light green and have pale orange hairs? Just axein'.
  5. #5 Twistedweather, Jun 21, 2013
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    Nice pickup!  thats a dense nug
    looks like its time to break in the new piece! 
    give us an update pic when it has some color! :smoke:
  6. There's variations. It could also be a Headband or maybe another Sour Diesel hybrid or even a Chemdawg or OG Kush. All I know is I was told it was Sour Diesel and I'm going to say that's pretty accurate with the way it looks/smells/tastes/smokes. :smoking:

    Thanks dude! I actually already broke it in haha, I just cleaned it real good with ISO. I'm actually kind of obsessed with keeping it clean. :smoking:
  7. My favorite strain of all time :) Most of the time the shit I get either smells like skunk OR fuel OR lemons, not all in one :(
  8. Can you really be mad in the first place when your buds smell like either of the three? :bongin:
  9. i love sd.
  10. The sour D I just picked up is light green, but does smell of skunk diesel and lemons. It stinks to me, worst smell ever. Tastes ok, smokes great, and has a nice middle of the road effect.
  11. #11 Tree Of Life, Jun 21, 2013
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    Did you recently start getting danker buds? Because I know in the beginning everyone's like "Dude, did a skunk just get ran over in your driveway or something?" When you try Sour D for the first time you probably still associate 'skunk' with actual skunks, and it's really not a bad smell once you realize it's not an actual skunk. :smoking:
  12. Nah, I get dank pretty regularly, just something about the combination of smells doesn't do it for me. I love a good skunk smell, but this one is kind of muddled, and doesn't smell very good.
  13. #13 Twistedweather, Jun 21, 2013
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    true.....I always get excited when I get a whiff of some true skunk bud :ey:
    thinking about getting some  Shiva Skunk ( a hybrid from Northern Lights #5 and skunk #1) hopefully there still is some around on payday
    the lemon sour diesel I had did not have an overwhelming skunk aroma...more like fuel and lemons as mentioned above
  14. For sure man. When you get hit with that smell you know it's going to be some great bud. :bongin: The Shiva Skunk looks dank!
  15. Here's another shot of that nug. I tried to get a little more light in this time so you guys could see the colors a little better.

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  16. #16 JCM2, Jun 21, 2013
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    Looks nice. I think the stuff I got was mishandled a bit by the grower, which is why the bud doesn't smell as good as I'd hoped. But he gave me a break on the price, so I took it. Mine is a lot more fluffy, which I'm not crazy about, but smokes like sour D.

  17. Thanks. Yours looks nice as well! I'll bet if you squeeze a nug the smell comes out more. :smoking:
  18. I rolled a few last night for the weekend, and It was more like what I remembered. Really diesel smelling with a tiny bit of lemon pinesol smell.

    I rolled another mixed joint (sour D, purple Kush, and Bubba) and the fuel smell overpowers the sweet smell of the purp and the piney smell of the bubba.
  19. Very nice p/u.
  20. #20 Tree Of Life, Jun 21, 2013
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    Yup, it's some pungent stuff for sure. I'm not surprised you didn't smell anything but Sour D. :bongin: Did it also take over the taste? Or was it kind of 'purple-y' :)smoking:) too?


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