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  1. I got a g if sour d recently , an was wondering if it is actually sour d. Reason I'm askin is that I've never had sour d and wanted know what yall think. It smells dank, like a strong sour smell with gas. I got a pic so tell me what yall think (I know the pic is not that good)

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  2. Probably is, but the strain doesn't matter that much, just how potent it is. And by the way, you might want to post this in the Tokers Q&A, not this section, haha.
  3. Haha I'm new to this shit , idk where to go lol
  4. Haha it's alright, just don't post in the wrong section multiple times, you might get in trouble haha.
  5. mmmm sour d one of my favorite sativa strains
  6. sour smell... gas smell.. "sour diesel" lol. yeap. it's sour d. enjoy!!
  7. How do I start a thread on tokers Q$A ? Im on my phone and its not lettin me .
  8. You need 10 posts,then you can make a thread :smoke:

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