Sour Diesel?

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  1. So guys I discovered that the 3 grams i got is sour diesel, never had it before but it smells like diesel so thats... interesting haha whoever has had this dank lemme know how your high was! :D
  2. Sour D is awesome. Really euphoric, fast paced high, good taste. If you like it, try a strain called Chemdawg. It's sour crossed with some other indica; one of my favorite strains.
  3. Nice thanks for the response.
  4. What is Sour Diesel?
  5. a pretty well known strain its mainly sativa smells like diesel pretty typical strain you can find.
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    ^I was about to say that's a pretty damn common strain.

    It's good. Nothing special or rare.

    I'd love to find me a nice landrace sativa though :smoking: Guess I'll have to grow it. If I can find some seeds :unlikely:
  7. well where i come from sour d comes around every once in a while. my dealer told me he got some today and i asked him to save me an 8th because i got an 8th of sweettooth yesterday from him

    but whenever i have sour d it is an excellent taisting bud and i like the uppy high i get from it

    i feel like cleaning or sumthin when i smoke it lol
  8. it's a good uplifting sativa that smells like a gas station when you open the sack. That's about it. Good strain.
  9. Haha, kidding guys. :p

    Sour D is good, smoke it up. :smoke:
  10. pretty dank strain, it'll def do the job!! I have about a bowl left :3 one fatass bowl pack between 4 ppl did us pretty damn well..enjoy ur sour d :D

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