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Sour Diesel x Trainwreck

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NorCal_Cyclist, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Got some of this strain, and man is it stinky and sticky!! Heavy indica that'll knock ya out. :smoking:

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  2. Looks delicious man, nice pictures too. Happy getting lifted! :smoking::smoking:
  3. i'm really liking the color of the bud, looks mad dank.
  4. I could be totally off, but that doesnt look like trainwreck or diesel. does crossbreeding change characteristics at all?

    but bottom line: awesome pick up:hello:
  5. Got it at a dispensary for $165/half came out dark - bud is med-dark green with lots of orange hairs - and crystals :)

    Based on smell/taste - no doubt of the Sour aspect, and it actually looks a lot like the NYCD (crossed w/Dynamite) I picked up back in Nov...

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  6. nice buds homies. that looks super dank
  7. Sour diesel x Trainwreck aint an indica at all dude. Thats big time Sativa right there.
  8. yea those are two sativa dominants.
  9. Some top quality grade A buds for sure
  10. mad congrats on your prosperity brosinsky!!! how much does this strain yield??? ty:hello:
  11. I had some sour wreck, wasn't trimmed as well though. It was a great strain! There's a pic somewhere on my pickup thread haha
  12. Looks good.. I had some sour wreck that came from up in NorCal that looked similar but a little more leafy. Are the prices usually that high for dispensaries up there in NorCal? That sounds like the prices we be paying down in SoCal in dispensaries.
  13. Pretty surprised by the price too. Those are typical of the low end for the best medicine in Maine, if you go through someone who knows a grower instead of straight from the grower ($160-180 a half, $280-350). However, I guess for superdank out there (top top top shelf?) it might be a decent deal?

    OP - what are the prices usually like at that particular dispensary? just curious.

    sick bud btw! absolute stud-nugget.

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