sour diesel vs. purp's. you decide.

Discussion in 'General' started by electrikbroz425, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]


    Danks! What strain is better in your opinion?
  2. holy awesome weed, Batman!

    dude I would love to have either.
  3. purp, looks a lot better
  4. i dunno man, that Sour D looks delicious.

    Nice buds man, id love to have either.

    I'm here smokin my hella beasters, but they dont hold a candle to those nugs.
  5. stanbull, you either posted a reply in the wrong place, because what you said has nothing to do with what i asked or even the whole point of this forum i wrote? im sure its just a mistake.
  6. ha yea, i knew it was a mistake. i was just like confused at first its all good. ill def check the thread. whats the name of it
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    .......................DON'T WANNA BE BANNED................................

    OP, diesel for sure.
  8. Without photos of trichomes, it doesnt matter.
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    a) purp is the way to go. soul d is a fave of mine but I dont think i've ever seen anything so purple!
    b)EDIT: thanks for the heads up.
  10. be careful man, ak infinity said anyone mentioning the "BS controversy" would be banned immediately
  11. how bout sour piesel:smoking:
  12. purp ftw.

    looks sooo delicious!
  13. i hate when people start these threads without a poll...

    kinda defeats the competitive part of a "vs"

    purp ftw
  14. PURP!!!

    Purp is usually in spring time around here. I never seen purp during summer, fall, winter. only in the spring. WEIRD HUH!?
  15. without question the diesel.
  16. yea diesel is my fav. it just gets me oh so high. tasty very tasty.

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