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Sour Diesel vs Lemon Haze vs Orange Kush

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by My Buds, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Which one do you think is the best?
  2. I prefer super lemon haze.
  3. depends on who grew it, how they grew it, and how they cured it imo
  4. how are the highs of each strain?

    from what i heard/read:
    lemon haze: sativa. mental high. will get you very high.
    orange kush: hybrid. mental and physical high. will get you fu-ked up.
    i dont know how sour diesel is.

    please write about the experiences you had with each strain
  5. if they were all the same quality, which one would you like the most?
  6. I loved sour diesal it's definitely a heavy heavy body high as well as astrain I would want to smoke when I'm day dreaming. Mental and physical bliss and peacefulness is what iwoulddescribe it as. Puts you in a bubble of warmth and just like a hot blanket you just got out of the dryer I'm going in depth bc I just got ripped on some sour d.
  7. have you tried lemon haze or orange kush yet? if yes, how are they compared to each other and compared to sour diesel?
  8. nice site... way better than leafly's dumb comments, many of which the negatives sound like someone who smoked too much or was smoking different strains throughout the day

  9. Meh depends what you prefer sour d taste very deep and rich like coffee. Where as orange kush has more of a deep berry and lemon haze reminds me of a party in my mouth.
  10. how are the highs different? does the high from one strain last very long or very short? are any of them harsh on the lungs? etc.......

    give me more info :)
  11. thats weird showed up fine for me. deffanitley check it out though, super informative. it will answer all your questions

  12. They just vary from heavy body highs to mind blowing thoughts. Stuff like that. Harshness on the lungs is relative.
  13. Sour Diesel. Cant beat a classic IMO.
  14. Never had orange Kush, I enjoy Lemon Haze, and Sour D...but I prefer Sour Maui, or Lemon G
  15. i had clogged synuses yesterday, so i could not smell the weed properly. i told my friend that it was very subtle and not noticable. he was surprised and said that he thought that it should definately smell strong. today, we decided to go to my house and i showed him my weed. i showed him how i hide the smell(double bagged and in a rolled up sock). he smelled it while the weed was still double bagged and in a sock, and he literally couldnt believe it for 5 seconds. he just stared at the bag in disbelief. i was not expecting to smell a lot, so i took a big breath. IT WAS DANK!!!! then i realized i had clogged synuses yesterday(i have it a lot, so im used to it/dont notice). we later opened up the bags and smelled the nugs. this weed is very strong with a hint of citrus. we will probably smoke this tommorow. i used this as more of a smell review, so people have an idea of how strong it smells. i will probably update you on the high tommorow.

    This was my bag with about 1G of orange kush and about 2.5Gs of Lemon Haze.
  16. Why not all three?

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