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Sour Diesel Pick-up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by greengiant7262, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I'm new here and I thought I'd share a picture of some sour diesel I just picked up in the Coachella Valley. I got a zip of this stuff for $350.

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  2. i bet that shit just reeeeeeks up ur crib...

    the diesel i use to pick up was the stinkiest shit I have ever had my hands on...
  3. shit looks good!! look at those hairs!! yum!
  4. Why do I find this same picture on google images?

    Nice try ;).

    EDIT- He has 1 post, I'm sure he was here to trick us.

  5. wow you can move sd for 350 there. thats awesome is that normal or is there a festival there?thanks for the info:smoke: much respect

  6. Yeah true, What a douche!
  7. I can't find it on google. :confused:

    If this is truly yours, that's one hell of a pic up man.

    If not, get leeeeeeeeeeegit dude.
  8. Yeah that was stupid of me for posting a google image. Nice eye though. I'm just pretty bored. The info is true, but I haven't taken any pics yet. I can post real pictures as soon as I take them. I'll create a new thread tomorrow with REAL pictures.
  9. Eagle eye here ;)

  10. Awesome!youre on point!! i thought that price was crazy but you caught tha pic much repsect:smoke:

  11. No, that's regular price. Dankies out here cost anywhere from $300 to $380 an ounce. I got an ounce of white widow just a couple weeks ago from Big Bear for $330. I'll post the real pictures soon so you can truly see how good it is.

  12. that seems high no? i mean big bear ya there isnt much there but cochella is a pretty big town i just figured prices would be more reasonable:smoke:

  13. Yeah, prices are kind of high out here. I got it from my regular guy and he usually charges that much. It's always really good weed and I'm used to the prices so I have nothing to complain about. How much do you usually pay?
  14. I got a quarter of sour D the other day. This is the second time I have bought a bag of it. It reeked my whoole apartment up when I was breaking it up. I rolled a phat blunt and the weed stuck like clay it was soo resiny. It had the consitancy of brown sugar kinda lol. I smoked a phat blunt with my buddy and munched on some dank BBQ food at this popular restaurant in my town, Dinasaur BBQ. It was awesome. O and I wrapped it with a peach paradise King Pin Blunt wrap.
  15. DOOD

    the first thing i said when i saw that picture was "that is not sour diesel" lol.

    i dont mean to sound like an ass im just used to picking up sour d A LOT since its my favorite strain, and i amso blessed to live here in colorado.

    sour d has pinker hairs! post up a real pic : )

  16. I don't know what I was thinking when I put that picture up. I guess I was just bored. The pic up there is train wreck x sour d. I'm actually taking the pictures right now. I'll have them up within the hour.
  17. well it all depends on the grower...

  18. thats cool i wasnt trying to snub just curious to be honest i havent bought weed in years do to my own grows but prices i hear from bros who bring by samples are like 30 for 1/8s and breaks down the more you buy of course i do know a lot of people in big bear or mammoth that are stuck paying higher dont get me wrong though herb is worth more than money so as long as its properly grown:smoke:
  19. looks good bro enjoy that shit

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