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Sour Diesel Joint With Sour Diesel Hash *Pics*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by trikky, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. What up folks, I got some Sour D last night, and made some hash with it today. decided I'd roll a joint with both of them in there.

    Enjoy. I know I did.

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  2. Im diggin it, bet that was a hell of a joint. Boulder CO is the shit.. glad you live there. I think I'm gonna go to UCO there.

    anyways.. happy blazin :smoke:
  3. lookin super dank!! wat kind of hash is that? bubble if im not mistaken.. which bags do u use?
  4. Actually it's QWISO.
  5. Looks like BBQ Chicken.

  6. u should use a filter withca joints braski.

  7. There's one in the final product. Don't you worry.
  8. oh shiiiit!! QWISOOO!! funk cominn through, i wish i had some!.. just smoked the last of my oil
  9. LOL, you're goofy.
  10. if u smoked as much wax as me ud be goofy as hell too dude...:smoking:
  11. Fuck off, lol. I'm smokin on the QWISO, that's what's available. Good enough for me. I'm getting a o-kief extrator tube after my KC tube is finished being made. THEN i'll make my own budder. That'll be the jam.
  12. im just messin... sounds good dude, ur guna love that shit. is it ever around co?
  13. Honestly man, IDK. I just moved here about 1 month or so ago from Clemson, SC. I just have been making my own extractions for a long time, and herb is so much cheaper here that I can afford some cool stuff like the o-kief extractor tube, and the extra shake to make QWISO and BHO with, you know?
  14. holy shit! i just lookd up the okief extraction tubes!! damn, i think i need to invest in the commercial sized one ASAP!
  15. Dude, they're totally sick. Stainless Steel and a stand so you don't have to touch the super-cooled tube.

    I wish I needed the commercial sized one...
  16. I love mixing hash with joints! looks like some nice sd.

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