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  1. Does anyone know a good website i could get sour diesel from, I know reservoir has sour diesel but i cant find a website that carries them... i dont really want somas nycd because apparently it isnt the same as actual ny diesel... I also am not looking for a sour diesel cross, am i going to find this or am i being too optimistic?
  2. [​IMG]
    \t \t \t \t

    New York City Diesel has its roots in the Big Apple.
    Its famous for its exotic ripe red grape smell and taste.
    After all the great storys about the NYCD we decided to get those seeds from a friend breeder and improve the quality to the AMS standard witch our happy customers are used to find in our shop.
    The Diesel youll find here is selected by Relaximo our master breeder.
    The result of this selection is a higher yield up to 15% without loosing his powerfull exotic qualitys.

    NYCD 2nd place 2001. 2003. 2004. High Times Cannabis Cup. best sativa.
    \tQuantity : 10 seeds
    \tType : mexican sativa x afghani
    \tClimate : indoor
    \t\t\t\tYield : 400 gram m2
    \t\t\t\tHeight : 35 - 65 cm
    \t\t\t \tFlowering period : 10 weeks
    \t\t\t\tHarvest : september
    \t\t\t\tStoned or High : exotic high
    \t\t\t\tTHC level : 20%
    \t\t\t\tGrow Difficulty : moderate
  3. soma's NYC Diesel is "actual" NYC diesel which is completely different than sour Diesel.

    Sour diesel is a clone only strain, so unless you can hook up with a clone.. you might be out of luck.

    gl man.
  4. Yeah bro Sour Diesel is impossible to find unless you get the clone hookup. Believe me. I've looked. Everywhere.
  5. OK well if its clone only, then can someone point me the direction of a sour d cross that theyve tried... like i said i know several companies carry the strain but the only strain ive found in an online catalog was sour cream, the dna genetics sour diesel crossed with g13haze, which sounds pretty intense to me, anyone have any experience with this strain?
  6. the sour d clone only is ny sd and then it was crossed with super skunk and is then just sour d and not ny sd!
  7. This is an old thread, but felt there needs to be some clarifications. Sour Diesel was originally called East Coast Sour Diesel. It was the result of a 91 Chem being accidently pollinated by a Mass Super Skunk/NL X DNL. Very few seeds of the ECSD were ever available, except for some diehard Deadheads which had the bud.

    NYCD, AKA: Original Diesel, is just 91 Chem. It is said the NYC people did not like the name Chemdawg so growers there changed the name to NYCD. My source for this info is an old Deadhead friend who gifted me various seeds he had collected from 90-96 from those in the know of these strains.

    Being one that had seeds from the accidental pollination, as well as some other gems gifted to me by my old friend, can tell you that NYCD by SOMA or from AMS and any other sources I have seen is not even close. Rez has the closest thing to real ECSD there is....period. Swerve(Cali Connect) also has a ECSD out. Not sure of the true qualities, but he says he used the same cut as Rez for his version.

    Hope this helps.
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    G13 has the new strain "Sour AK" which claims sour diesel X ak. I have 1 feminized of this that I havent grown out yet.
    Dinafem has Diesel. I also have one of these I have not grown out yet. Do a google search on Dinafem Diesel and you can find a long indepth description that includes this...

    "The strain, which made its way to NYC via a grower who got cuttings, crossed Superskunk x Northern Light, and came up with Diesel, named for the diesel-like smell of the fresh buds. This is one of the best selling varieties in the U.S., which says a lot for its popularity. The strong points of this variety are its distinct lemon-lime flavour mixed with tangerine and a touch of diesel fuel. In some specimens the flavour is extra long-lasting. This long aftertaste is the main reason for the success of this strain, together with its light, manageable Sativa high. In fact, the effect is light, not extreme or heavy, and fades gradually; it’s also easy to handle since the anaesthesia effect is not overwhelming. The plant is mellow due to its low CBD content; the high is much more cerebral than physical."
  9. Here is a link to a gro bro of mine who is doing a sour cream now.
  10. def dont get it from AMS because they suck....i would say try Attitude and get Soma's NYC Diesel. their are a few strains from Cali connection that you might like...with Chem in them.

  11. seedboutique will have rez sour diesel IBL in stock as of right now. they go really fast. if your in cali, you can obtain cali connection origional sour diesel seeds from any collective providing you have a medical card. yes it started off clone only but is now(finally) available in seed form. but to get it there it was altered, but just be stoked your getting anything with the originoal genes in there cause most people arent so lucky!

  12. Are you in California? If you are I can get you SD clones. If not sorry I can't help.
  13. CA patients can contact me about SD
  14. no "asking for" or "offering hookups" here. please delete your posts.

  15. No offering? I'm not offering, I'm just stating that I am a member of a LEGAL CA based club that can help patients in need if they are in CA and are a LEGAL CA patient. If all people are going to do is ramble on about things that are there opinion and nothing more with no facts to back things up and never actually doing anything this is a poser site. What is the point of bringing up a subject over and over and then not helping the person find what they need? Thats just bullshit and gay! FUCK THAT I BELONG TO A GOOD STRONG LEGAL CLUB IN SOCAL. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF LEGALLY THEN THEY CAN ACCORDING TO CA STATE LAW. SO IF YOUR A LEGAL PATIENT AND ARE IN NEED OF A QUALITY PRODUCT TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR MEDICAL NEEDS FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AND I WILL HELP YOU. ONLY CA REGISTERED PATIENTS!!

  17. Sour Diesel lineage is somehing like og kush and chemdog, if I'm not mistaken.
  18. I think you could do with smoking some of your stock :smoke:
  19. you are mistaken.

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