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Sour D?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BudSmoker1, May 5, 2011.

  1. I'm getting myself some Sour D tomorrow, I've never had Sour D before though. I was wondering how it is? Like what kind of high is it, relaxed or will I be active?? And how long will it last me?? I'm getting it $10 a gram so I don't really want to pass this up.
  2. Haha nice, I have the same questions :D

    Im getting mine tonight lol.
  3. you really cant be sure that it is actually sour d, and not just some bs. Most of the shit dealers come up with strain name wise is bull. And imo, its more about how well the weed is grown that what strian it is :)
  4. It's extremely sativa dominant so if it really is sour d you'll probably have more of a body high, less of a "couch lock"
  5. head high*
  6. Fixed :)
  7. The smell and taste of legit Sour Diesel is the shit!!!
  8. Indica's give you body high's mate. Sativa's give you head highs :smoke:
  9. It's delicious. I've had it every now and then. Great stuff. I love sativa strains.
  10. It's was a really active go on an adventure high, lots of laughs, lots of creativeness of you're into that stuff.

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