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Sour D or Blue Dream? and why

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Monstertoker, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. sour d because its a sativa blue dream is an indaca.
  2. #3 Chongman, Aug 13, 2011
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    they're both sativa....
  3. i dont think so man the blue dream i got had purple init so unless its a hybrid its a indica.
  4. I've *supposedly* had blue dream many times and just thought it was good sensi. The sour D I know I had was bomber tho.
  5. never had sour d, at least that i know of.

    so i say blue dream, which I know for a fact is a strong sativa.
  6. Sour D, if you dont buy from a dispensary then you may never get the chance to get it.
  7. Blue Dreams hands down.
  8. Never heard of Sour Diesel?
    Friend of mine always heard people say sour d and thought they were talking about sour dick...funny story
  9. i used to have a guy that had sour D and blue dream for about 3 months straight.both were very heady sativas,but the sour D had a different taste and smell,and had somewhat of a body high,the blue dream just went straight to my head.

    if your looking for a heady sativa i would hit that blue dream,i think there is a reason it got the name blue dream,because when grown properly it is blue from being so frosty and puts your head in "dream like" state.shit was intense and im a heavy smoker.
  10. Blue Dream

  11. ive heard of it tons of times haha where did i say i hadnt?
  12. Blu Dream is good...but not that good

    Sour is an obvious answer
  13. yeah that is a great question both are fantastic sativas but i would take the sour diesel just cause i love the diesel smell and taste but blue dream is the closest second ever
  14. When it comes to taste and smell, sour d. When it comes to the actual high, blue dream all day.
  15. Sour D it's got a better taste and high. I always have to smoke more blue dream and its like a lazy version of a haze IMO.
  16. Blue Dream Fa Sho! So Smooth, So yummy. My top 5 dankest ive smoked a Blue Dream Pick up from the club. MMhhmmmhhmMM!.
  17. Sour D is just too good.
  18. Never actually had Blue Dream yet, but the Sour D in my area is just crazy dank.
  19. I actually just had some sour D earlier today... its MY favorite :smoke:

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