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Sour D Hash Oil

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by attacus192, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. a friend said they could get sour d hash oil for a 100 a gram.....anyone ever had it or know if that price is at all in Chicago so prices are high but 100 or a g seems too high
  2. It's way to High $40-$50 max
  3. If I were to pay $100 for a gram of ANYTHING, it better make me a superhero.
  4. That's a ridiculous price, and sour d hash oil shouldn't be any different from schwag hash oil. More potent strains just produces more hash oil.
  5. you just contradicted yourself?
  6. See 1g for $100 way to much, I pay $90 for a 5iver of honey oil and its made from staight bud. But thats Canada, If i were you try a pin before buyin. Just ask for a $5 paper and try it out. Don't pay $100 thats just a joke. Maybe $30 or $35 there, your buddy is trying to either make cash or some free smoke, Don't pay for 3 gs and you recieve 1 gram. Any your friend is still smokin on your funds.
  7. Um... no.
    I said more potent strains produce more hash oil then less potent strains, but it's the same hash oil. He's buying a specific weight of the oil, so it doesn't matter where it came from.
  8. lol ya man, I wouldnt even pay more than 20..... So you should probably avoid that deal.

    I mean if you want to get that high just buy some Ok bud, and a hit of acid.....

    then again Maybe not:smoke:

  9. i hear ya buzzwell...i think my friend is justing being charged way to much because im pretty sure that is his real price..and he always hooks me up on mushrooms and acid so its not like hes out to make money on of this....just sucks his guy said so high of a price.

    on the other hand

    my normal guy for dank dealer just busted with 60lbs so i think im gonna save my money and try to find a new hookup and jus make a good sized buy to get in good
  10. hash oil is hash oil, sounds like a rip off
  11. I know people that make oil, and lemme tell you the KB oil was a lot better than the oil made from mids, but 100s too much, but then again if ur mans trustworthy buy a half g... idk?
  12. If done right hash oil from all strains should be more or less the same. It's just extracted THC in oil form. There should just be more oil from buds that have more THC, but still the same oil.
  13. i imagine the oil is very potent, and that you dont need much to get high, but thats still pretty steep. i never see oil, so i definately would think about paying that as a one off type deal, same as the time i bought a gram of GDP for 45 bucks. totally worth it for that flavor.
  14. that is one of the dumbest things i've ever read
    more potent strains do not equal more hash oil. infact the reason it could be so expensive is because the strain is very potent but produces less oil than say some beaster strain would per gram. and ofcourse it fucking matters where it came from thats the whole reason theres selective breeding and different strains of marijuana, different strains have completely different cannabinoid compounds -> different effects. thc is not the only cannabinoid in weed
  15. God damn some people have a short fuse. There is selective breeding and different strains for people that are actually smoking the bud. Yeah different strains have different cannabinoids in them and have different effects, but when you make hash oil, the goal is to remove all of the plant matter, so even if it's not good bud it will be good oil if done correctly.

    The ideal hash oil will have everything but the THC and other cannabinoids removed (not really possible but for explination purposes I am saying this), and since all strains have good thc and cannabinoids in them (schwag is just grown and prepared shittily and often the keif is removed and the bud is compressed into bricks) if all of the plant material is removed you are left with much more hash oil from the bud that has more THC and other cannabinoids in the first place. Yes hash oils from different strains will have different properties and effects but they are all worth roughly the same (again if done properly).
  16. LMAO!!!!!!!!:hello::D +Rep
  17. A gram of oil is a lot though, No?
  18. 100 a gram is more expensive than budder, thats about twice as potent as hash oil (99%), so I would say no not really worth it, but if you wanna try it, it won't be the worst 100 bucks you ever spent in your life.

    It also depends on how he made it, it is honey oil? Or was it an iso or QWISO hash oil?

    If it was iso, quality depends on how long it was soaked, for the highest quality, you should only wash it for 5-15 seconds. The longer it is washed, the more plant matter will be in the oil.

    for 100, I would make sure it was honey oil.

    If it looks like this :


    Then it is good quality honey oil. If it is black, then it is not as good quality. (sorry I got no pictures of the black kind, I only make honey oil, try googling around using google images or something for hash oil)

    The choice is yours, but personally I would buy some bomb bud, and make my own honey oil (if you have the space to do so)

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