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Sour D confusion

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HIGHEREDnFIRED, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. so everyone in here swears sour d smells like diesel fuel and is a sativa that gives a heady high.. But my boy in Maryland say that they are probably talking about "wet" (weed with fuel dripped on it or embalming fluid).. and that sour D is a type of Kush and makes u sleepy. Also only called Diesel cause it's so strong.. Who's right here? Even most websites say sour d smells like fuel.. did my friend get tha real deal? He said it was REAL strong & put him asleep. Best weed he Eva had
  2. All i know is it get's me HIGH AS HELL.
  3. lolwut? I've never had Sour D that smells like fuel. If any of you have, I would see the doctor.
  4. it does have a "diesel" smell
  5. All Sour Diesel that I have smoked is Sativa for sure. He might be talking about NYC Diesel, which is a sativa/indica hybrid that comes from Sour Diesel and a few other strains. That is more of a Kushy bud that your guy is talking about.
  6. yeah sour d smells very similar to diesel fuel (hence the name).
  7. I totally call anything strong "diesel". Obviously your friend from Maryland is right and everyone else here has been tricked. Does he have a Nobel prize too?

    Edit: my bad if I came off as douchey, unintentional lol
  8. ok wtf can someone make a vote about this everyone is sayin different shit about the smell. i have never had sour d and now im wonderin because i dont wana light up some weed that was dunked in gas.
  9. Haha dude, Sour D isn't weed dipped in embalming fluid. It's its own strain of weed that's definitely sativa, not a type of kush. Your man is wrong. Maybe shit is just weird in Maryland?

    Btw it doesn't smell like fuel (in my opinion). It just has a bold smell that isn't skunky... it's just a really heavy smell that doesn't smell like weed usually does.
  10. hahahaha

    sour d is a strain that sometimes has a smell of diesel. theres not a whole lot else to it
  11. #11 HIGHEREDnFIRED, Jul 24, 2011
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    I never said sour D was dipped. I'm saying that he said tha ppl who sour D smelled like fuel probably smoked "wet". lol. But isn't NYC diesel and Sour D different? Maybe y'all smoked 2 types
  12. No wet is PCP and it smells like permanent markers and there is absolutely no way anybody could mistake a PCP high from a weed high although if something were to be lace this is the drug that it would be laced with since its also cheap and in low doses can just make you feel slightly off but its still not a stoned feeling.
  13. Don't know, but the shit's potent.
  14. The Sour Diesel i get here from collectives has a nice lemon tang smell. Lime green buds with reddish orange hairs. Definitely an upper/sativa.
  15. Actually... In hindsight, a friend in Maryland told me the same thing. Someone's spreading some crazy rumors up there.
  16. im from maryland. ive smoked sour d from maryland before. your friend is wrong
  17. yea im from Bmore but live in FL now. i never had it so i wouldnt know.
  18. Well, in my experience, good sour diesel is very strong smelling and smells like a mix between a strong skunk, fuel, and musky(idk what to call it haha). It has a very recognizable smell IMO.
    Sour's awesome. My favorite strain
  19. Unless you buy from a dispensary, all strain names are 100% bullshit.

    Also, anything with the word "kush" in it might as well be called "your dealer thinks you are retarded"
  20. #20 Deletemyposts, Jul 31, 2011
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    That's not true. I've gotten it straight from the grower before and known exactly what it was. Yes, usually the names bullshit from dealers, but not every time.
    I'll buy stuff, look it up, and sometimes it'll look, feel, smell, and taste exactly the way the strain description says. Just saying

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