SOUR BUBBLE baby*-~ could I flower her??

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  1. Well since's gone and is down, I'll post this here... BOG sent me some Sour Bubble 3bx seeds awhile back before he left. I've grown it a couple times unsuccesfully, knowing it was a very potent indica with rockhard smelly buds covered in chrystals- SourBubble is a pure bubblegum strain that BOG was breeding, and he breeded certain plants that had the specific phenotypes as I described to make SB, that grew with strong bushy indica plants that are CRAZY potent!!! :D :D

    .... Anyways, knowing that I'm very low on recources(unlike past grows w/ HPS and the works) and have low security right low, I decided to start a SourBubble grow with just 1plant with what I had for fun. It started off sprouting in shitty potting soil (used from last grow) mixed with perlite, under a 15w flourescent. This gheto set-up is all inside a cardboard box to top it off, about 3x2X1.. Well I neglected a little bit and my SB stretched a little, leaves yellowed a little and growth slowed.. :hide:

    Since then I tried to get the plant healthy and planned to it outdoors soon.. I decided the yellowing bottom leaves were from low nitrogen in the shitty soil, so I watered it a few times with urine(nitrogen rich) mixed with lots of water.. I tied down the stem (LST METHOD) so decrese height and provide light to all branches. I also added another 15w CFL for a total of 30watts in my box. I also bent the My plant really began to green up and perk up with new leaf sets and nodes, and is beginning to take on that true SOUR BUBBLE look-- huge dark green, almost waxy looking leaves, superbushy indica plant!! :metal:

    .. Here's a shitty cellphone pic of my SB baby at 3 weeks (about a week ago)...
    She's now nearing somewhere arround a month old, with even more big healthy green leaves, and arround 7 nodes (leaf sets) not including the new leaves that grew between the stems!! Most leave sets have 5 blades so far, no more.[/PHP]
    ..... Seeing as this is a fun grow that I don't expect to finish, I'm now thinking about putting this SB into flower!!! I don't care if I got 2grams from this plant, I'd be so happy to get any SourBubble bud as it would be some BOMBBBB weed.. So would I be able to harvest anything if I started 12/12 with only 30watts of CFLs?? I gave my friend some SB seeds to grow awhile ago, and he is now growing A BUSH about 3x the size of mine with HUGE waxy darkgreen leaves all over-- only 40watts of CFLs!! This is my inspiration.. would I harvest anything if I started flower now with only 30watts and tried to get more growing recources???

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  2. BOG is one of the best breeders i've ever seen, now I havent seen anything from him.. hope he's still around.

    And this is the second time i've seen this, you gave us a link to a email in your inbox.. so unless you give us all your username and password we aren't going to see that, haha. Find another place to put it.
  3. Haha, why won't the picture show up on the page without being a link?? I'm not trying to show you guys my emails haha!! I'm too high for this shit...

    I'll get updated pics soon, hopefully better ones with my digicam instead of the cellphone. Any feedback would be just great!!! :D
  4. I was going to buy his Sourbubble BX3 and his LSD.. or even that Grape Punch. But the site I was going to order from was down.. do you know where he still exists?

  5. Haha, yea I posted before I saw this.. I don't know why the pic is showing a link to my email instead of the pic. I'll try to fix it and get better pics soon hopefully.

    ... BOG is definatly in my opinion, one of, if not the greatest!!! I met him on about 4years back, and he gave me some of the most usefull information I've ever received for my very first grows.. We talked for awhile, and he guided me with his amazing growing methods and info, and also provided me free SEEDS from strains he breeded, which have some of the GREATEST genetics known to us growers!! Thank you so much BOG! :wave:

    If you asked any experienced growers with knowledge of breeds, they would tell you that BOG's Strains are some of the most amazing genetics out there! Most strains being mostly indica, his plants are huge and healthy, with some of the most POTENT, stickiest, smelliest bud ever seen!!
    .... He actually sent me a sample of his BLUE MOON ROCKS for my Birthday a couple years ago for a smoke report. I'll tell you, the bud came in an envelope sealed inside 5 individual-seeled baggies, and when I opened the first envelope my room REEKED of a unique musky pine for HOURS!! The buds were bright green, almost white from the massive coat of chrystals, and only 2-HITS sent me straight to the moon for hours!!! This bud actually made me HALLUCINATE several times to the point where I completely FREAKED!! Honestly, BOG's homegrown BMR was some of the best bud I had on many levels.. :D
    My BMR SMOKE REPORT w/ Pics is trapped on before they got busted, but some pics of the BMR Buds are on my PSP!! I'll try to get themm

    Anyways, BOG is a highly respected breeder whose strains will be legendary. He is not only a breeder but a teacher also, as his growing methods and information have helped so many! And his plant/bud pictures make me drool!! Thank you BOG for so much!! :)
    .. BOG was an active member helping us all at (before they got shut-down) with his growing journals and information. His genetics are sold by Gypsy Nirvana at, which is now, so check them out! BOG also helped create another website with GYPSY which he sent me to years ago, International Cannagraphic Magazine, which I have been a member at for years also.. Him and Gypsy got into an argument a couple months ago which resulted in BOG leaving our online community :(

    See, (international cannagraphic) is where I have been posting at for years since BOG sent me there when it was created. I've been posting even more there since got busted. I keep posting these long posts, but I thought I had to tell you guys where I came from and pay tribute to BOG

  6. Yupp, although BOG has left the online community, Gypsy is still selling his seeds at I'm guessing you got your BOG genetics from

    Yes, I've always wanted to smoke/grow his LSD but never got the chance.. When he sent me Blue Moon Rocks for my birthday for a smokereport at, as I said above, it was some of the best buds I've ever had the pleasure to have, smell, touch, and smoke haha.. 2 hits would send me into an almost hallucinogenic zone!

    And supposedly, SourBubble BX3 is suppose to be one of the most potent, stickiest, smelliest indicas out there! I'm so glad that he sent me the seeds to try the genetics myself. If only me or one of my friends had all the recources to complete a successfull indoor grow!! The buds would be SOOOO Dankk!! I wish I could talk to BOG now for advice on my grow, and I only have 10 SB3BX seeds left..
  7. Any FEEDBACK would be just great!!! :D
    I finally got a shitty pic up on the first post- that's my Sour Bubble baby at 3 weeks old! She's now nearing a month old and looking a little bigger and alot healthier

    I WILL get more pics up soon with my digicam, so better quality of the whole ghetto grow-operation! Stay tuned to this one :)
  8. I was going to order them off seedbay, I think. And yeah.. i've seen pictures of his SourBubble and it looks hands down some of the best genetics i've ever seen.

    Oh -- and that plant doesn't look ready to flower, though its from the top so it could be alot taller than it looks.
  9. Well, it's about 6-7inches tall, but thats after I tied the mainstem down (LST) due to stretch earlier, and to get light to all the leaves. Theres about 6 nodes, each with 2 sets of leaves. Most of the leaves have 5 blades, but no 7 or 9-bladers liker there is on my friends SB bush.. There also sets of leaves growing between the nodes now also :)

    As I said earlier, I know it's not ready to flower.. It is only a month old, and hasn't matured enough for a good yield. But I am not concerned about yield at all. I'm just wondering, would I be able to harvest anything if I flowered now with only 30watts of CFLs?? I'd probably get more watts and recources in the growbox as time goes by, but in my position, my plant could get found and had to be ditched right away (it's happened before).

    So I'd be happy if I even got a couple grams of some of the dankest bud in the world! My area is absolutely FLOODED with beasters (NiagaraFalls/.Canadian border), and dank homegrown can cost over 300 an ounce!! See, I have enough bud now. A grow would be nice to complete and all, but it's not realistic.. I just want a little Sour Bubble to shoot me in to space! I want some of my own homegrown and theres not many ways that could happen...
  10. Trust me, you're not going to want to cut it down prematurely just for a couple grams of smoke. Snip off a sample, buy some schwag.. hold yourself off because that's an absolute WASTE of bog's fine genetics, not grown to their full potential, trust me you'll be alotttt more happy in the end.

    Plus if it's not mature it's not going to be that potent.

  11. Well, in my current conditions, I don't have the time or recources to comple a full grow. I have to keep it mini and low-scale, and its for fun pretty much..

    But if I want to flower her early, how is that cutting it prematurely?? I've seen it done with SOG and from sprouts on automatic 12/12 lighting. I just want to flower her now and get just a small Sour Bubble harvest for personal smoke.. I know my recources are low for a successfull one, but if I pulled some stuff together, wouldn't I be able to harvest a couple grams of BOMB nuggets just to test this strains AMAZING potency capabilities?? I'm pretty sure that flowering a plant early wouldn't kill the potential of the strain in the end... :)
    I don't wont to put her outdoors and risk my Sour Bubble plant being jacked or eaten (no good spots in this area)..

    Any other feedback on this??
    I am taking good pictures of my 1-month old SOUR BUBBLE plant right now, so they'll be up real soon!! Check back to see how she's doing now.. :D
  12. I figured you were already considering chopping them is what I meant

  13. Oh no, I was just talking about inducing the 12/12 lightcycle (flower) right now with the recources I'm using as posted above ^^

    Sorry about not having pics yet.. I took a bunch last night and lost them because my computer had low memory..

    But I will soon have high quality VIDEOs and PICS of my 1month old Sour Bubble, from my digi cam!!! :D :D
    Check up on her!!
  14. Haha a video? Thats classy. I'm eagar to see it

  15. Haha, I'm glad that you keep my thread active hoast. I just wish I could get some feedback from others and advice about my question.. Well, here's the videos on my digicam so its not good but here it is!! :D

    This is my SourBubble plant at about 3weeks old, grown under only 30watts of CFL (15w to start), and shitty soil mixed with perlite. It was a bad start, but its gettin much healthier with new lights and a nitrogen addition to the soil (urine mixed with lots of water).. There is new growth and about 6nodes and leaves growing between the nodes now too--- the plant is beggining to take the true SOURBUBBLE look with bushy indaca plants and almost WAXY darkgreen leaves!! :hello: Thanks BOG for the excellent genetics!!

    My question is could I flower her now, extemely early with my recources and have any harvest?? The yield is no concern to me, I just want a minigrow with a small harvest.. My main concern is to have some personal buds, which will AMAZINGLY Potent, Sticky, and Smelly!!! :D
    Can I pull it through if I tried to get some shit??
  16. Well I'm off too bed, but hopefully I get some more feedback and advice with a VIDEO of my SourBubble plant up!!! :D

    I'll get quality pics of my plant at about a month old tommorow with my digicam, so you'll really get an idea.. Growth has slowed in the past couple days, but I'm guessing becaus of the small pot size.. I'm considering to transplant or not if I flower now. Maybe another small addition of urine (for nitrogen) to the water again with the bottle I have premixed..

    Will I be able to pull it off???
  17. Now that I took the time to read, no there's nothing you can do. ESPECIALLY with a light like that. You'll be lucky if your plant flowers even if you grew it out long.

    sry :/
  18. Well I plan on getting more recources. I'm buying 2 more 20watt CFLS from a friend, and have access to nutes like blood and bone meal, worm castings, perlite, ect...

    I'm just trying to pull of a harvest.. Anybody else have advice?? Check out that video!!! ^^^ :D
  19. I have BOG's SB and LSD, but if I were U guys and ya want Bog gentics, get them now, because I think with all the chit that has been going down on the net and seedbanks he is calling it quits. I no somepeople give bad growing info on this site, but trust me , this came from a very close sorce.Get them now.I'm sure someone here will know better.LOL.Good luck with the SB , mines r just starting.

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