Sour Blueberry- Ready To Flush?

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  1. My sour blueberry is sposed to start a week of flush tomorrow, according to the schedule I set up. I use House n Garden, hydro, and just completed 4 weeks if Top Shooter. Most of the pistils are red/orange. What do ya'll think? 


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  2. What week of flower are you in? At week 8 is the earliest you should harvest but I'd push it to week 10 since those last two weeks will really add weight to your buds.

    And hair color doesn't indicate maturity. When all the hairs turn from white to orange means they're getting close to full maturation, but isn't a definant. The only way to tell when to hardest is to look at the trichs under a microscope. If you don't have one I'd just wait till week 10 to harvest. The plant looks nice though bro, good job!
  3. What he said. ^^

    I'll just add that using a clearing solution for the first week then water the last week would be one way to flush.

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    Its week 10. 
    Ya, I just have a hard time telling with the trichs while its still on the plant, I can't get zoomed in enough and I hate to pull something off just to check.
    Far as the hairs go, I had always heard that once the majority of them retract, it was good to go, but I've noticed that not all strains do that, at least not as noticeably
    I was going to use up the rest of this Sledgehammer Flush I have leftover from trying out fox farm, I usually do it 24h with that, then 48 hrs with clean water, and repeat. .
  5. Yeaa I'd start to flush if I was you. Actually you don't really even have to flush but now would be the time. If your gonna take a full 14 days to flush you need to start now so you don't push your girl to far and actually lose potency

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