Souped up super soil?

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  1. So i have been getting everything together for my subcool recipe and i got my last thing in today, what i thought was humic acid is actually Kelp, Fulvic, Humic, Amino Acid Soluble so can i just use this an be ok? I mean technically it has more beneficials i believe. If not i can get plain humic acid i just didnt read the description and got a mix instead of straigh humic thx guys.
  2. It's hard to advise you without knowing all what else is in your mix, and in what proportions.

    Most likely you are fine, just remember less is more and allow your mix to sit at least 2-4 weeks while moistened before you use it.
  3. 8 large bags of high quality organic potting soil with coco and Mycorrhizae
    25-50 lbs. of organic worm castings
    5 lbs. of Blood meal 12-0-0
    5 lbs. Bat guano 0-5-0
    5 lbs. Fish Bone Meal 3-16-0
    ¾ cup Epsom salt
    1 cup Sweet lime (Dolomite)
    ½ cup Azomite ( Trace element)
    2 Tbs. powdered Humic acid

    Thx for your reply man
  4. Seems a bit excessive, without doing any math, on the blood, fish meals and bat guano and very light on the rock powder. Since you don't have any kelp meal in there already go ahead and use what you have. I would probably throw a bout a cup in there.

    Knowing how big a large bag is would help. ;) You should also try to figure out what your ewc's are by volume as their weight is greatly dependent on how much water is in them.
  5. A large bag is actually 1.5 cubic feet, ive seens this soil being used and it looks like they have good results its by subcool and it looks like i have about two gallons of ewc but im only doin a 1/3 mixture of this one so i did the math and slimmed it down but thx for the advice i appreciate it.

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