sounds of the underground '06!!!

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  1. who's comin? and which city are you gonna be in? this one's gonna be huge for metalheads. :hello:
  2. The SOTU tour lineup is amaizing this year! CANNIBAL CORPSE IS PLAYING IT! That's enough right there but you can't ignore the fact that a Christian metal band is sharing the stage with Behemoth and The Black Dahlia Murder, both of which are very Satanic. I can't say enough good things about this lineup. My top 5 favorite bands are probably in this linup... and most of my top 10. I'll probably try to hit up the H-Town show (Houstin, TX)... even though I should just follow the busses all around the country. lol and of course I'll be blazed the entire time. :smoking:

    Oh, I almost forgot.
    The lineup this year is:
    As I Lay Dying
    In Flames
    Cannibal Corpse
    The Black Dahlia Murder
    The Chariot
    Through The Eyes of The Dead

    Special Guest:

    On Select Dates Only:
    Evergreen Terrace
    Horse The Band
    Killswitch Engage
    Machine Head
    Shadows Fall
    Job For A Cowboy
    It Dies Today
    Still Remains
    Above This Fire
    This Is Hell
    Municipal Waste
    The Last Star Fighter
    A Heartfelt Tragedy
    Sworn To Secrecy
  3. Damn I was Chicago got Job For a Cowboy... we need some fuckin grindcore!!!

    But nooo we had to get some damn hxc band to bring more dancers to the pits... weeeeeeeee...

    I still cannot believe As I Lay Dying is headling... what the fuck?!?! Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, In Flames, and The Black Dahlia Murder are all better/more popular. Hell, even Trivium should headline before them and I'm not even a fan.
  4. It would be nice to see some grind... But I think having AILD as the headlining band was a smart decision cause it's pretty much screamo, and screamo has more fans than metal. But I definitly agree on the fact that BDM and Cannibal Corpse and all the other badass death metal bands are better.
  5. Yeah I'm with you there... all marketing...

    I've listened to about 1/2 of Doom by JFAC... pretty good shit eh?
  6. HELL YES DUDE! JFAC rocks! haha have you heard Entities yet?
  7. Fuckin great song man...

    They're a great blend of death, core, progressive, and like straight up thrash. Sorry I hadn't heard of them before.
  8. converge is playing the maryland show...probably hittin' that one up. and vod is having a reunion at the philly show...probably hittin' that one up too. toke toke.
  9. converge is such an incredible band live. looks like a solid linup. i haven't been to a big fest like that since i went to hellfest 2 years back. good times. i'm rambling...
  10. Man i dont know about that, but at the end of the summer, i get to go see Mastadon, Lamb of God, Fear Factory, and Slayer.
  11. Im going in Orlando on July 19th
  12. The lineup for this year's SOTU sucks big gorilla balls compared to last years (IMHO). Most the bands playin this year (again IMO) are not even underground bands... Just about everyone can tell you who they are (though they may not listen to them)... But yeah... I was very disappointed with the lineup...

    What's wrong with dancers in the pits? If ya can't dance, don't go near 'em. If all ya wanna do is bump into people, go to a pop-punk show where they have the little baby bump "pits" instead.

    EDIT: I'm in the Philly area, so I'd be catchin that lineup if I was going.
  13. im kinda disappointed with sotut this year, last year was a fucking GREAT show. amazing, i mean lamb of god, unearth, all that remains, chimaira , and more it was awesome.

    this year, the lineup is much smaller. and the venue its at here in new england sucks for metal concerts, THERES NO FLOOR! WHICH MEANS NO PITS. and no pits means me bored, no what i mean? I dont even think im gonna waste my money on a ticket this year, im skipping it.

    How bout Unholy Alliance tour with lamb of god, slayer, mastodon, nd children of bodom? im goin this sat.

  14. Hell yeah man... Last year fuckin rocked...

    And WAY more mainstream... I thought it was supposed to be sounds of the underground... Not sounds of today's mainstream metal bands...

    They're coming through tomorrow... I wish I was goin!!!! I was supposed to see LOG a LONG ass time ago (before they were really that well known), but we had to leave right before their set.

    And I agree... No pits = boring show.
  15. Goddam i wanted to go see Unholy Alliance on saturday, but i guess I can't make it. I love slayer and mastodon (saw them before they got big).

    I dunno about sounds of the underground though, I'd just be going for GWAR. Frankly I think most of the other bands suck ass. GWAR is definitely the only underground act on that tour. I've already seen GWAR 4 times, so i don't think i'll sit through all those other bands' sets just to see GWAR again. I guess i'll just wait for their headline tour this fall.
  16. Sorry Cottons I gotta disagree with you there... both year's lineups are equally mainstream...

    Chimaira, LoG, Opeth, All those metalcore bands... way up there on the mainstream list...

    And trsut me buddy... I'm off smokin when hxc bands are playing... not a fan of *TRIPLET* *TRIPLET* STUTTER *TRIPLET* *COMMUNAL SPINKICK*... it's when they start dancing during metal shit that pisses me off... other than that they can look awesome by themselves... they bring it to me... not vice versa...

    EDIT: I dont want sound like an asshole but you were condescending to me first, so, sweetheart, if you're one of those people that think windmilling is harder than moshing, step into a Slayer pit... "baby pit" my ass... you're right... dancing is way more mature...
  17. How can u say the line up sucks??? I like pretty much every band except for As I Lay Dying
  18. Bump.

    I only went to see The Chariot and HORSE. The Chariot blows now that Keller and Beiser left. I'm fuckin pissed about that.

    Has anybody heard about HORSE's new EP? Its gonna be about 5 tracks entirely about pizza.
  19. FUCK YES!! Grindcore fucking rocks! Shit like The Number 12. I LOVE THEM!!
  20. Co-workers been slowly getting me addicted to Opeth and In Flames. This'll be my first metal concert so it should be interesting. Vancouver of course.. :hello:

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