Sounds Dumb, But What Do You Think The Future Of Online Discussion Is?

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  1. ik this sounds sort of, dumb, but, whats the next form of online discussion? what i mean is for as far as grasscity as an example. i dont know any of you, yet we speak (and may get to know some of you but still lol). we started out way back in the day with irc servers, then it was basic php/mysql chatrooms. forums existed at this time but were not nearly as abundant as now. the chat room has been essentially killed off (imo). now, we are on random communities. no generic forums to just chat around because each forum and online community has its own general forums chat. and now theres still the forums, considering how long chat rooms truely lasted, it shouldnt be too long before a real replacement comes along. some would say facebook, but you usually met all the people from facebook in "RL" as its become to be known as. and if you didnt, you didnt meet them on facebook (usually).
    so what do you guys think? is this totally off? are chat rooms much more thriving than i expected? are forums just a suppliment to whats already taken off that i dont know about?
    the reason i ask is because facebook doesnt really allow for any sort of "open chat" principle, its more closed off to the people you already know lol.

  2. Get out of here

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