Sounds crazy but does it have potential?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bwood, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. I know its too late to start a regular outdoor grow but I had an idea, If I built a frame and waterproofing and all that jazz would it be possible to dig a hole in the ground deep enough to try and grow a plant and attach lights to a wooden frame.The reason im thinking about doing this is because i live in the suburbs and theres no places i could easily grow a plant except for a spot near my house which is pretty damn hidden

    Keep in mind im a motivated motherfucker and im willing to do whatever it takes to have a successful grow. So what im asking you experts is any advice or critisism on my peculiar idea
  2. If it's late in the season and you want a nice yeild, than move the grow indoors.
  3. iv thought about it befor too-because i live with my parents and im also the kind of person who would enjoy doing that-but to be honust only do it if your going to have fun makeing it because your eventually gona be like: fuck it i dont want to spend this much money, cuz if i just used my recourses differently i could be beter off"
  4. The reason im willing to go this far to grow is because there is no way in hell I could pull off a grow indoors. The reason is my nazi mom searches my house as a fucking hobby and i have no steady hiding spots that are big enough to grow a plant so i have to resort to going outside.

  5. I already have plenty of wood, and i would need to buy some kind of plastic to keep water from flooding the plant and then somehow running an extension cord to the spot, and the lights and the usual stuff to grow

  6. How are you planning on hiding the extension cord? Won't Nazi mom notice the bright orange trail to your grow?

    Actually the bigger issue is that according to your tag you live in Mass. If this is true its way to late be growing outside. Even with global warming, cool falls hit early in the North East.

  7. Shit dude your probally right about the weather but about the extension cord i was going to get a dark green one and get a bigass knife and cut into the ground so i can run the cord under the surface
  8. for real tho you got two choices.

    1- get your own place
    2- guerilla grow next season

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