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  1. Was thinking of building a soundproof box for an inline fan i just bought.. I have never had one before so im not sure exactly how loud it will be .. its 4 inch 177cfm with a carbron filter.. I know to bungee cord it . insulated ducting etc.. . but is there anything else i can do

    Anyone ever build a soundproof box to house their fan in?

    Is there anything you guys could compare the noise level too... a hairdryer, etc...????

    Any help would be awesome..


  2. is it one of those inline metal colored fans with plastic prop that you have to wire a plug onto?if so they are not loud at all much less than a hairdryer especially once hooked up to ducting or are you just flying it out of a box?Again I wouldnt trip about noise at all :smoking:
  3. its not a duct fan... its this

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  4. even better i wouldnt worry about it very silent compared to squircages:smoking:

  5. even better i wouldnt worry about it very silent compared to squircages:smoking: are you using it for a box?

  6. using it in my tent.. basicly needed it for the carbon filter/ exhaust ventilation.. prob gonna get a speed controller and tune it down if its too much.. the tent is small

  7. speed controller will burn motor hot. I would put a 90 on it if you feel its tooo going to just prop it on the top hole or hang it in the middle?should work out nicely though :smoking:

  8. i thought thats what fan speed controllers were made for? slow down the power going to the fan to slow the rpms, and it also quiets the operation because less air moving.. might of missed something i guess..

    im gonna have the fan in an attic above my grow room and duct it straight down into my tent where the carbon filter will be.. im just a little worried about neighboors hearing the fan from outside the attic.. no insulation in the walls up there

  9. as far as i know speed controllers make fan motors run hot esp on a 4".so are you going to be moving air threw a grated cover in your attic?is your neightbors house right next to yours?again its such a small fan youll be surprised to see how quiet it is.i wouldnt worry.i know people who have had 12 and 14" moving air and were a little paranoid and put a water fountain(small bird bath type) outside and it camo'd the noise but a 4" should be quiet alone.

  10. Thanks , appreciate the help mikem

  11. cool hope you keep us posted on how you are making out:smoking:
  12. I've seen a few YouTube videos where growers built small wooden boxes to hold their inline fan. I've seen them fill the box with soundproof foam too. I've never done it though.

    However, your 4" fan shouldn't bee too loud. I think if you connected a muffler to it, you'd be all set. I've never used one of these yet, but I've been looking at getting one myself.

    Fantec makes a 4" muffler that would work for you.

    4" Duct Silencer - Fantech | Fan Accessories

  13. damn.. that thing is sweet ! but for 85 plus shipping , im not completely sold that it would be worth it.. if i had extra money i would do it..

    thanks for the post
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    Yeah and theres no way anyone is goin to hear a 4" fan in your attic from standing outside. Insulation or not. You would prolly have a hard time hearing it from the outside with a hole in your roof. They are pretty quiet. The only noisy part is the air blowing through the ducting. Just get insulated ducting and you will be fine.

    Plus if thats your exact fan from your post above its not to hard to build a 9"x 12" square box and mount the fan inside of it, then mount the whole box to something. If you have to, wrap the box with 3/4" foam insulation, but i dont think you will need any of that for a 4" fan
  15. That sir is a dryer vent fan other wise known as a 4" booster fan.
    when mounting them in apartments I use rubber grommets that go in the screw holes on the mounting plate. They can be found at lowes or home depot for 20-40 cents. They are the same sort of thing for passing wireing through a sealed opening. no vibration just a steady whissh of air coming out.
    I hope this helps.

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