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    I just had an idea of building a room inside my room instead of ordering a tent, i figure this might cost as much or maybe a tad more but will give me superior soundproofing. since there is carpet in this room i might have to lay down maybe a base of 3/4" OSB sheets for a level floor. the entire room will be framed 2x2's with a 2x4 for a door support, will have top and bottom 2x4 braces around the entire room. The veg area is effectively 2ft wide x 4ft deep and the flowering room is 6.5ft x 4ft with only 1 600w hps for now. The foam insulation is quite dense as well as the 1/2" gyprock so it will damper alot of noise. The Exhaust is pushed through a floor vent that is disconnected under the house.

    Wondering if the veg room is enough to grow out 4 plants big enough to produce big enough plants, i want to LST while vegging so they get super bushy, i just don't know if this is suitable enough or if i should open it up to more veg room. i would like to house mothers as well but i can also find another suitable location for mother plants.

    i plan to run a 400w MH for veg as to induce tonnes of nodes at short intervals and keep my plants lst'd into a dense canopy. But thats in the future, currently i will have to make due with 1 100w floro, 1 75w floro and a 150w hps (from my first grow a decade back).

    Tell me what ya think.
  2. I dig it. Can't wait to get back in the game myself...

    I've done alot of thinking and researching about soundproofing, and I always planned on building my room completely seperate from the room I am building it in. In otherwords, have all 4 walls and the ceiling of your grow room spaced away from the existing walls. This gap will create an airgap that sound will be swallowed up in.

  3. Theres a green glue that will help deaden sound when applyed between the studs and gyprock. also if you are lucky enough you can get that Quiet Rock one sheet is equivalent to EIGHT LAYERS of normal gyprock. talk about soundproofing.

    I never wrote this down, but that big brown box is my bed.... lol i guess i am doing a closet grow as i am moving myself into the closet.

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