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  1. Is there anyway to control the voltage going to a fan so make it slower? I purchased a 4inch Can Fan and a 4inch carbon filter but it is much bigger than i need for my room. Its too loud and my grow area is in my room where i sleep. Are there any techniques i can use such as covering the fan or anything else that can dampen the sound?

  2. let the fan break it run it while your not in your room
  3. I'm in my room at least 12+ hours of the day sleeping / studying / on my computer so even with half of the time not being on is not acceptable. I need a better solution :confused:. As for it breaking in, i don't think it can, its a fan and the noise isn't going to reduce itself + i have been running it for two day already and it's the same:eek:
  4. u could set up a series of computer fans around the grow box if ur computer/electronics savvy. (depending on how big ur plants are)
  5. Well its in a closet and the main problem is getting fresh air.

    I have to keep the closet doors closed and the oscillating fan i have in there is just circulating old air and the plants are getting sick.

    The can fan is sucking air from the top and pushing it into a carbon filter which is causing passive air flow to come in from the bottom, thus providing fresh air.

    The problem is it sounds like an air conditioning unit in my's way too loud. I need some way to dampen the sound. Suggestions? :confused_2:

    Pics of leaves not getting fresh air:

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  6. There is a such thing called a potentiometer which will essentially control and regulate fan velocity. Now you will have to cut the conduit going to the fan and have to wire it up and you always run the risk of fire etc if your not good at connecting polarities of the wire, but other than that, u can regulate speeds. Another idea is this. If your in the room all the time, ur exhaling co2 which is why most circulate air in the first place. So rather than the primary use for the fan to be to get more co2 into the room, why not have it on only to control temps? Buy a cheap 80 dollar microcontroller that turns on your fan only when temps get above lets say 84 degrees or something. Than it will cool ur closet down and u can add the 400 that u just bought. Id opt for the second with the microcontroller. Having a fan turn on for 5 minutes every few hours wouldnt kill me.
  7. temperature isn't a problem i just need airflow to circulate but the potentiometer sounds interesting
  8. buy some foam padding and put it under the bottom of the fan and it should help quiet it down a lil thats what i did with mine
  9. try wiring a dimmer switch to it or do what i did and get a voltage reguator/ reducer from radio shack
  10. the potentiometer he's talking about can be found at radioshack in the electronics area. they are like 3 bucks or something. you can buy $3 rosin and a $6 soldering gun (if you don't have one) and solder the connection yourself for $12ish...soldering is easy just google it

    the pot meter is like a volume knob, so you can turn it down when your in your room and up when your not

    hope this helps good luck with your grow!
  11. is there any voltage cap that this meter can only use or can it pretty much handle anything?

    I have a Can-Fan 4 inch 142 CFM 61 watts .53 amps ( around 120 volts)

    also just out of curiosity, the pentiometer just applies resistance and lessens the current going to the fan right? But the voltage stays the same?

    -btw thanks for the suggestions
  12. im quite sure it can handle anything..but you should ask the guy at radioshack just to make sure.

    it just applies resistance, it does not actually reduce the voltage, so you can still turn it up to full power when you want

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